Rubens and Kress: Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyer

Rubens and Kress: Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyer Review

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Published: 20 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I just want to warn people if they are searching for Work Comp attorneys to be real careful. I have had four plus years experience with Frank D. Kress of Rubens and Kress. I have never, not one time, had contact with Jason Rubens of Rubens and Kress. He might be just fine. The first 3-6 months after I signed on with Mr. Kress were just ok. He did not do more or less than a normal attorney would / could do. It has just been the last seven months that have been (an e-mail provable) nightmare with Mr. Kress. Sad to say but had Mr. Kress had displayed some competence in the area of setting up Medical Set Asides (google MSA) I would not potentially, as of right now, January 22, 2015 losing $25,000 due to uncovered medical bills that Mr. Kress said would be covered by an MSA. When I signed off in agreement with the first part of my Work Comp settlement I was, under the instruction of Mr. Kress forgiving all medical bills past, present and future. Mr. Kress said since I was retired (66 at the time) all bills would “now” be covered under an MSA described above. WRONG!! To my shock, after a $25,000 piece of surgery I found out that MSA’s only cover future medical bills: Not present and past at the setting in place of the MSA. Therefore a loss of $25,000. I did get a MSA check from the insurance company for $13,280 but it is worthless as it only good for future med bills and meds. MEDICARE IS VERY STRICT ON THIS. Mr> Kress wasn’t even aware of how an MSA works: Through e-mails ( this should tell us something ) , I the client had to instruct him on how the MSA works. So…this is, in my opinion, incompetence. MSA’s are common place things with a knowledgeable attorney. Now, admitting that I have potentially lost $25,000, Mr. Kress says he is going to file a “section 8 A” with the Work Comp Commission to try and recover the $25,000. I, once again, had to get Mr. Kress to understand the language of the final settlement contracts: All past and future bills were forgiven. (Paraphrase. ) I have e-mails that more than cover my assertations here. Lastly, a normal attorney would be working with his client (still me as he hasn’t fired me yet) in mediation with the Medicare system and the process of MSA’s. I have through e-mails asked him for help and he will not do this. I have, till I die, to administer this MSA. That $13,280 has to be accounted for to the penny yearly. This is where I need help from Mr. Kress. I could go but I think you get the flavor of my complaint. I did, since you asked, file a report with the attorney disciplinary for Illinois. This is a brotherhood (Ifeel) of attorneys covering for each other. Basically, since this is a Work Comp Commission matter, the disciplinary committee sad they had “little jurisdiction there. Finally, I say all of this to warn you to check attorneys by using review sites like this before you sign on with any body. It is very difficult to fire an attorney once you hire one (as Mr. Kress painfully reminded me. I have several hundred painful e-mails between Mr. Kress and myself to back up all of my assertions. Thanks and good fortune to you .

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