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Published: 21 May 2019

Posted by: Craig

I used to work for Dr Rucker but I quit when I found out their real side. I was shocked when I discovered their reality. Please don’t believe the fake reviews that Rucker Orthodontics has on their Google Maps listing and Yelp, they hire online services to get fake reviews for money. I, myself was forced to hire people from India and Vietnam to write fake reviews for Rucker Orthodontics. This business operates on a web of lies. During my time at this clinic, I wasn’t aware of their malpractices. If I knew their reality beforehand, I would have never worked here. I was hired by Dr Rucker as a personal assistant. Rucker Orthodontics claim to be affiliated with the major brand Invisalign and they claim that they sell original Invisalign braces to their customers, however, they are just selling cheap knock-offs instead. Invisalign is one of the most expensive braces in the market because they are transparent and much more comfortable than normal wired braces, they are hard to notice as well. The innocent patients who come here for getting a better smile are just getting scammed. The Invisalign that Rucker Orthodontics offers are made from poor quality materials. The most common complaint that we used to receive at this clinic was of the Invisalign not fitting properly. And whenever that happened, the doctor told them that they will talk to the company and forward the complaint. However, as they aren’t affiliated with the company at all, nothing happens. People who come to this clinic are getting SCAMMED. By lying to their patients constantly, Dr Rucker has earned thousands of dollars. I cannot believe that I used to work at a place like this. The corruption at Rucker Orthodontics is just out of the world. An orthodontics clinic is for providing healthy and good looking teeth, not for stealing money. If you are looking for any kind of braces (especially Invisalign) then DON’T COME HERE. I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO RUCKER ORTHODONTICS! Almost all the past patients of Rucker Orthodontics had to go to a different clinic after months or sometimes even years of disappointment and overbilling from this place. I quit my job at this clinic recently and I wanted to write this post to make sure that people don’t make the mistake that dozens have made already. No one has addressed this issue because every employee is forced to keep his/ her mouth shut. They told me to keep shut as well, however, I cannot stand the fact that they are scamming people. Please avoid Rucker Orthodontics for your own good. They overcharge their patients gradually and if he or she stops coming there, they send a massive bill. If the patient doesn’t pay the complete bill, they will send their file to the collection company. It is a horrible place! I just hope that no one has to suffer from the greed of Dr Rucker.

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