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Published: 29 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This long running scam has gone on too long. Thousands of people are out thousands of dollars in the USA, Canada and UK. This company cannot stop ripping people off. They use charities to promote their races, but do not pay the charities. They hire vendors and photographers, but don’t pay them. They have an “F” rating with the BBB. It’s gotten so bad that the company is not even responding to the BBB anymore. The only way to get refunded is through your credit card company. I guess you have to be a company to get away with fraud. Anyone else would already be prosecuted. Through much investigation, it’s been discovered that they have not been obtaining the proper permits or securing the venue, but will advertise and sell tickets months before they know if they can secure a location. If they can’t, they continue to sell tickets even though the venues say they are not happening at their locations or the company has already cancelled at that location. But do they tell the participants that??? NO!!! They continue allowing registration and then announce the cancellation just shortly before a race is scheduled. Think you’ll get a refund?? Think again! They’ll start issuing a few just to protect their image, but then they fall off page and there is literally no way to reach them other than facebook messages they don’t respond to. If you inquire on their facebook pages, they delete the comments. It’s truly hard to attract new victims when the negative truth far outways the positive. You might find some positives from unsuspecting victims, but the number of comments on a post won’t add up. Say there are 100 comments, you will only see 30 positive comments and there will be no more to view, which means the additional 70 we can’t see are negative. Do they think nobody will notice?? They have held a few good races in the UK, but even there they have yet to refund participants for cancelled races even months later. The races they hold in the USA are complete flops, incredibly unorganized and people don’t get the items they paid for when signing up. There is so much information on these people and they are crooks. This is a scam and if they can convince you otherwise, then you are a part of the problem! This has got to stop!!!!!! I will attach as many pictures as this site will allow. If you do your research, you can find countless news articles regarding the cancellations, the charities that have yet to be paid, and all of the frustrated recipients that have not been refunded. Look at YELP. And be sure you’re looking for recent events, meaning all of 2014. Those who lucked out in early 2013 and returned this year with the same excitement now have a bad taste in their mouths. Just do your research and make an informed decision. Should you be in a city where your race does occur, have fun standing in line at 7 AM to get your crappy packet for your 9 AM race… that will start much later. Don’t bother paying extra to have your “swag” sent to you, because you won’t get it. It’s an expensive lesson to learn once you’re disappointed from a cancellation, or you get no dye or goods as promised. Go with a more organized and successful color race like the Color Run, Color Vibe or any other color race that is not through Viral Events. Avoid all Viral Events activities!! .

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