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Published: 14 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Total FRAUD: Suing him for disabilities discrimination. Horrible service. Fraud. He charged me over $1500 just to e-file when he told me over the phone he would do a laundry list of services. The only fault on my part was not paying attention to the e-invoice he sent me which cleverly only listed the e-invoice he emailed me. Here’s the kicker: He didn’t even serve correctly. His server forged the papers by signing that he served and sent it to court. How do I know this? After the defendants that I hired Rush Legal aka Tony Baik to serve never showed up 3 times to court —That’s 3 different defendants served 3 times (1st trial, a separate second trial, and then a debtor’s examination trial), I knew something was wrong. Also get this: Tony is a blatant racist. After the 3 defendants, who happened to be African American, never showed up, I had confronted Tony Lak Baik why the three defendants didn’t show up, Tony said it was because they were *N-Word*. He didn’t realize that I was a former teacher that taught a majority African-American students in a majority African-American community, and I was seriously offended when he said that. Get this, then when I disputed my Credit Card company (Which I won that settlement because of the extensive evidence I had provided that he defrauded me), he had the audacity to sue me in small claims for DOUBLE the amount. READ THE FINE PRINT in the contract: It has a gag order that states that you are not allowed to post anything negative about Rush Legal (although this is a contract not enforceable) and it also states that if you do dispute the charges with your credit card company, you will be charged a fee of $1400. Luckily for me: He didn’t even do his job–the defendants were never properly served. So it’s blatant fraud. Then that’s not even the crazy part of this whole entire experience: He dug up all my history–my medical history, my divorce, any old disputes with former tenants, and emailed me with harassing taunts: “Medication is available for your Bi-Polar concerns. Terminated as an educator for mental/emotional outbursts inform of our children.” What Tony also underestimated was that I went through extensive therapy for the course of 2 years to get to where I am finally comfortable with coming out about my medical condition: Yes, I have bipolar I disorder. I am still me. It doesn’t mean that I’m crazy, it doesn’t mean I was terminated as an educator, and it doesn’t’ mean that I’m a bad person. What it means is that I have bipolar I disorder–a condition I was born with–like autism, like ADHD, like Depression. It’s a genetic disorder that I have accepted. Here is where it is NOT accepted: for someone I had initially hired, who didn’t do their job, to illegally tap into my medical records, violating HIPAA, and using it to taunt me right before court. He even had the audacity to taunt me in front of the mediator: “She’s Crazy” and “So how was it like wrestling the gun from the cops?” this he was referring to my suicide attempt back in 2013 as a result of my bipolar I symptoms, which at the time, was still undiagnosed. Yet, here this guy is: taunting me with the pains of my past. He underestimated that I made peace with my past and my condition. He even emailed information of where my ex-husband (whom I haven’t seen in 3 years) all his street addresses and where we lived. TO FBI and COPS: This guy knows where I live as well and where my parents live. Detectives and cops, read this now: if ever something happens to my parents or I, look to Tony Lak Baik from Rush Legal. He has a disposition to harass and bully. Sad part of all this is: Had he been honest and expended half the energy on doing honest work instead of bullying and harass me, he would’ve done his job. .

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