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Published: 22 September 2019

Posted by: Dolf Kampman

People have, are and always will be desperate to earn money. Some of us might argue over the fact that it is the right of every living being in this world to earn and spend money on them. The question that arises is of how far could people go in contemplating their desires? The century that we live in has been coping over many transitions that the world has moved on from amongst which Online or Internet Marketing has been the new addition to the greater business ideas. Over hundreds of thousands of online businesses have been started or are under process every day, making the Internet one of the top markets around the globe. Where there is a sparking potential, we always have seen scam and fraud living over other’s sweat.

Entrepreneurship is considered the ‘golden boy’ of business and marketing; hence it wasn’t too late until entrepreneurship joined in the circles of online marketing. With advancing grounds in this professional field, we saw modernized versions of tools that promoted online businesses. Russell Brunson was one of the many individuals who figured out to move the system to the next level by forging a forum that allowed marketers to sell their products. It seemed to be a pretty frondeur concept for me when I came across the idea of ‘sales funnel’ and how Russell Brunson made his worth to seven figures in a mere three to four years. For instance, it amazed me and everyone that I know of, but I sure kept digging into what this idea really is about and how exactly Russell Brunson had been benefitting from “other businesses.” 

What made me dig deeper into the scam (that I was about to find out) was the word “short-cut”. I feel this word to be exaggerated as every mature mind believes that “the road to success is difficult and has no short-cuts.” Russell Brunson offered the short-cuts in his product to many people with desires to have a successful setup; this made me test the product to see the extent to which he was able to break the regular cycle of success. 


 Just as all regular advertising companies with their standard catchy pick-up lines to tempt random people, Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels was a similar online company to tempt people struggling to set their online businesses. I, too, came with an online startup idea along with certain products to sell. It was on one of the reviews that this site was useful to people who have a product to sell, otherwise “it would be wastage of time and money.” Amusingly, it was still wastage of time and money considering my experience along with several other experiences that I got aware of whilst digging into ClickFunnels and many other products that Russell Brunson sold. 

 As I got myself registered and got myself a trial membership, it moved me to assess the tool to its entirety. With some knowledge of Sales Funnel, the concept and how it is interpreted to use it impeccably to get my business in the right direction; I started gauging it. At first, I had to pay only a dollar for access to the trial. Considering the level of work that is affiliated with the company, it should be in a way that should impress the person who is to start a legitimate business and particularly not lose any money in any case. Yet, Russell Brunson won’t provide full access to his system. It is the case with a lot of ‘crappy’ trial versions of different software that are potentially a scam to just gain revenue out of it. Without any knowledge of what I was into, there was nothing I could gain from it in the first two-three days.  

 With a 14-day trial version that I could use, it was time until I had to pay more money for the fully updated version. It turned out that the company advised me to buy the upgraded version of it on the fourth day. There was no way I was to pay $97 for the thing that had nothing to grasp my attention. Yet, even after canceling it, the company charged $97 out of my card. Except for regret, there was certainly nothing I could’ve done for it. This made me search more about this company and the clientele it had. To my surprise, I wasn’t the first one who got bamboozled by them. There were cases much stronger that made me conclude that Russell Brunson, not only with ClickFunnels had been scamming and becoming a millionaire out of people’s businesses but had used this popularity to sell his absurd, incomplete ideas that had no realistic approaches. He had more software that had a similar purpose, he ‘taught’ people the ways of becoming successful like him and a lot of millionaires that were at the place because of him. DotComSecrets X Program is another example that provided trial versions and used the time-release delay tactic to clench tight to his clients into the trap he is leading them to.  

  Apart from these programs, he also had sold his ideas with the books he had written over the Sales Funnel concept and even the DotCom Secrets Program which is certainly supposed to depict that Russell intends to teach his client the “ins and outs of the Internet Marketing.” It soon would amaze you just like it did to me when any one of you with a certain knowledge of internet marketing would discover how much revenue Russell gets out of the Empower Network he runs as an Internet Guru. These Gurus are the basic problem within the internet marketing industry that is certainly ‘using’ other people and are living off them. It would surely seem obvious how easily we see such motivational speakers become millionaires in no time. As they aren’t here to improve your life, they make you feel inadequate without them. This is what makes them rich, the feeling that they constantly put into their clients of getting more to be happier.

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