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Published: 23 December 2017

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Buyer Beware – Russell Deming Scammed These People! Background: Russell Deming is doing business as Pharos Mobile Pro, INC. and DNA Advertising, INC. DNA Advertising, INC. was registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State on September 12, 2012. According to the Okalahoma Secretary of State, this corporation in not in good standing; its legal status is “Inactive”. This can be confirmed here Pharos Mobile Pro, INC. was duly registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State on April 07, 2015. This can be confirmed here: Deming has presented DNA Advertising, INC. as an existing business entity, having some sort of ownership in a business called “Pharos Mobile Pro”. In his marketing materials and the “PHAROS MOBILE PRO AGENCY & PRIVATE LABEL LICENSE AGREEMENT”, Deming presented Pharos as the owner [and developer] of a “certain proprietary marketing software… and hardware devices… referred to as “Pharos System”. This WiFi marketing platform has been presented as a “wifi proximity marketing solution” for small businesses. This solution is presented to have the ability to collect wifi users’ email addresses and social profile information, which can be used to remarket by the wifi hotspot owner. This solution is also marketed to have the ability to serve advertising (“content injection”) to the wifi users, as an opportunity for the wifi hotspot owner to receive a share of the advertising revenue paid by advertisters desiring to present their advertising messages to the wifi hotspot owners’ wifi users. Prior to April 07, 2015, Deming knowingly enticed unwitting people to enter into various agreements (including a “DNA ADVERTISING, INC. NON-CIRCUMVENTION, NON-DISCLOSURE AND CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT” and a “PHAROS MOBILE PRO AGENCY & PRIVATE LABEL LICENSE AGREEMENT”) to do business with DNA Advertising, INC. and Pharos Mobile Pro (including , knowing that DNA Advertising, INC. was in bad standing with the State of Oklahoma, and knowing that Pharos Mobile Pro was not registered to do business in the State of Oklahoma. Deming made very compelling presentations to these recruits, which included several income calculators to demonstrate the affiliate opportunity income potential. Presentations included showing recruits how they would receive between $4,000 – $8,000 in front-end commissions for selling and deploying the “Pharos System” in hotspot locations, as well as very lucrative back-end commissions from monthly advertising revenue. Deming employed the use of internet marketing materials which makes it appear that he has a number of existing affiliates, and that Pharos has hundreds of existing customers, and thousands of “projects” to entice prospective affiliates into joining the Pharos Mobile Pro private label program. At the time of this writing, these claims can be viewed at: Recruits were presented several affiliate options, ranging from $997 to $2997 “Private Label Set-up Fees” and $97 – $397 monthly for “Pharos License Fees”. Differences in the set-up fees and monthly license fees were to provide different service levels provided to the affiliates by Pharos Mobile Pro. Deming used financial accounts with banks, merchant account processors, and PayPal to receive money from people who were recruited by Deming’s former business partner to become “affiliates”. Through the use of training webinars and video conferences, Deming communicated with Pharos affiliates and made statements that they would be receiving certain “demo kits” which were supposed to include the above mentioned “hardware devices”, flashed with proprietary firmware to make presentations to prospective wifi hotspot owners. Through the of training webinars, video conferences, and social media, Deming communicated that Pharos was gaining market traction and that hotspot accounts were being contracted and deployed, and that advertising accounts were being contracted and advertising content was being distributed through those deployed hotspots. In at least one instance, Deming employed the use of an existing affiliate, to speak with a prospective affiliate to answer questions about the “Pharos System”. The existing affiliate stated that he had successfully completed 4 deployments and had received commission payments of $32,000 total for the 4 deployments, and that he was receiving monthly advertising commissions for ads being distributed through those deployed hotspots. When Deming failed to provide affiliates with the promised “demo kits”, affiliates began questioning Deming and his former partner, and began contacting each other to discuss their doubts about Pharos. Many former affiliates have requested refunds, some have sent legal letters, others have sought charge-backs with VISA and PayPal. All requests for refunds have been denied by Deming, referring them to the various Agreements they signed – never mind that the Agreements are NULL and VOID because neither DNA Advertising, INC., nor Pharos Mobile Pro were in good standing or even existed when those agreements were presented by Pharos and signed by the affiliates. Various banking institutions, credit card companies, and payment processors have been notified of Deming’s scam. NONE have issued refunds and none have discontinued their relationship with Deming, making them complicit in Deming’s scam. Deming has recently employed the use of the City of Tulsa [Oklahoma] Police Department, Financial Crime Unit to harass and bully former affiliates to be silent, lest they be investigated for allegedly committing criminal libel, slander, and defamation of character against Deming. I will interview a number of former Pharos affiliates, providing their stories in Updates to this report in the hope that by reading their stories other people will not be lured into the Pharos Mobile Pro scam by Deming.

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