RussHydro Scam was a Nightmare, Downfall of Corporate Ethics. A Scam that Shouldn’t have Happened

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Published: 12 August 2017

Posted by: Chad C. Daniels

When some low-lying thugs decide to cheat people, they target specific sections of society. They know they don’t stand a chance to make millions. Moreover, they don’t want to get into the eyes of law enforcement agencies. When a scam takes place at a unit as big as RussHydro, it calls for some serious action. It was one of the biggest scams to come out of Russia. The involvement of top-level executives screwed the government and other respective agencies. I, Jack, have no particular interest what happens in Russia or other countries. The only reason I’m talking is because these guys cheated me.
I received a letter from them on 3rd September. I remember how happy I felt reading that piece of information. You don’t get official investment proposal from a company like RussHydro. The company was too big and people associated with program were top level executives. Did I’ve a choice? I grabbed the opportunity. I decided to invest in program.
The manner in which the whole scam was carried out leaves a big question mark. I cannot understand how someone sitting at the top ran this fraud and nobody stopped or identified the wrong. In a way, investors like me were destined to be fooled. U cannot anticipate companies like RussHydro to go evil.
I lost the money. The news of RussHydro scam made me very angry. I lost faith in everything. What’s the difference between cheap scammers and HussHydro? They both betray. I never tried calling them but u can try ur luck at +7 (800) 333 80 00. I don’t expect any miracles, to put things across.
I started doing research to know what exactly happened. There’re two big names associated with it- Vitaly Totrov and Hydrostroi. They issued fake paperwork and documents. It was their plan and they stole money. It’s unimaginable to think the number of fake companies and fake accounts were opened to run the fraud successfully.
This was a sheer embarrassment for everyone involved with company. This was my first big investment in life. U can understand the kind of pain and anger I was in. I spent weeks in recovering from it. As an investor, I was delighted to see the scam was exposed. It brought me some satisfaction and peace.
What’s the update on case? What about the money we’ve invested? Are we ever going to get it back? I’ve decided to hire investment experts to save myself from unnecessary worry and trouble in the future. This is the only advice I’ve to offer.
With big brands falling to disgrace, I don’t see much scope for the first-time investors. I’ve paid a heavy price for investing in RussHydro. I invested a huge amount thinking it could change my life. I want to thrash these bastards for playing with our money. I also expect law agencies to take a strong action against them to teach others a lesson.

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