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Ruth Wang - Harassment and Unnecessary Drama Stirred Personally

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Published: 11 March 2018

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Leaving a situation or position that’s detrimental or unhealthy for your mental/emotional health is best rather than putting up with continuous unnecessary drama in your life.
Defamatory/Exaggeratory Post: https://plus.google.com/104128071766101186530

*My reason for posting this in my defense by adding more personal details is because of a certain dramatic woman going so far to publicly post details (dated on 5/11/17) about me on her Google Plus page to try to make me not hirable (including some exaggerations and blowing some things out of proportion). In the first place, I didn’t give details or made any vague reference to her when I only posted a status that’s basically common sense and only reflective of me and not anyone else. It was her who makes it all about herself and takes it too personally. She didn’t have the patience to work with my flaws in helping me to become a better caregiver in tending to her unique individual needs where proper training is needed in building competency. By doing what she just did out of stupidity, it doesn’t make her any more of a “decent human being” herself with this mind of hypocrisy.


A warning to anyone looking for employment as an IHSS care provider:

That Rude person, the pompous, ignorant “Drama Queen”, is very difficult when she always wants it perfectly done her way, which doesn’t always work. There was some confusion that she created because of poor follow-through/execution and not being as clearly detailed (unorganized and lacking steps) or exactly concise about things and expects me to have it figured out on the spot, including the payment plan that she didn’t cover in detail about her calculations. She totally depends on the other to keep track of her things and expects that person to always remember for her since she loses things easily…and got robbed twice (the second time was done by a “friend” whom she’d known for about a year). Also… She believes herself to be right all the time and doesn’t see herself as being wrong in any way…like an ex of hers claimed besides saving himself the “brain damage” from her. She changes her mind easily depending on her mood, which results in her not sticking to the plan (like that one Saturday she had me work for her when we should’ve been working on organizing/packing things to take to storage instead of attending some event of her great interest). At times, she comes off as disrespectful and impatient in personal dealings with the other–always wanting it her way without considering/understanding the other and complains when the other made a decision that she doesn’t agree with. For every little mistake that happens, she flies off the handle easily. Another red flag is her trying to control me…like telling me what to do with my money when it’s my personal business that’s none of her concern and is only between me and my family to sort out. Such factors indicate that the IHSS consumer/recipient is “unfit” to work for and as a mentor. Avoiding such a person and quitting as soon as you spot the red flags could save you so much pain and suffering later down the road. Overall, she doesn’t fit the image of what IHSS has envisioned for the consumer’s role.

I know this from personal experience having suffered dramatically at her hands, which led me to develop a state of depression. It became harassment when she continued bothering me with her troubles and used my bf to get to me when I blocked her from messaging me on Facebook when I needed space from her (a one-week break that she intended herself, which I also needed). She doesn’t seem to get that “getting space” means no contact in any form for a certain time period. Trouble stirred when she put my bf in the middle by having him act as her messenger, which he got greatly frustrated and irritated at her about. Thus, he had reason to not respond to her emails where she had pestered him about getting money from me, which is her own problem and technically not my responsibility when she’s the root cause of her own debts.

The truth is that I didn’t contact that one guy friend of hers in the first place about my problem with her. He messaged me first on Facebook to try to find out what the deal is between her and me from what he’d observed based on our interaction. He had a point about me and her not getting along well. I specifically told him about not wanting him to get involved or talk to her for me and just leave it for us two to resolve together.

Furthermore, she said that she does better doing the organizing on her own. So… Why would she need a caregiver when she’s capable of taking care of things herself (even without help)?

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