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Nothing but a cheap brothel

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Published: 16 August 2018

Posted by: Nyra

Hi Fellas
I am Nyra from Delhi. I came to give interview in RVM Foundation a week back. I was quite impressed with the work they are doing online.
A year back a girl tia also contacted me for this job . She was talking too high about the job but as she was the agent I did not apply.

This company is some 6-7 years old and run by Mr.Melwani the Casanova of Bangalore. He hires and fire girls like rotten potatoes. He has psychology problem . He has one employee by name Pushpa Bonnel who is working with him last 15 years. She is a senior lady who runs his brothel. She recruits girls at higher salary and supplies to Mr.Melwani for which she is made legal owner of company.
She has spoiled many girls life. We must catch her and beat her up for Sex trafficking. As she is Christian she doesn\’t have her moral. I came to know because of her Mr Melwani so called AiR has removed Usha, Pooja, Sapna, Khushi, Smitha and Namrata. She doesn\’t like hirls who can work harder. She Poison Air mind and has made him corrupted.
I visited their hospital and people there still miss Sapna, Smitha and Reddy
I went their free home and it\’s dead . I came to their temple on old airport road and got to know the HS&I Khushi has left because she is getting married.

What the fuck!!! To my surprise in a 7 year old company I found 2 women one Pushpa working from last 15 years and one Mrinalini working from last 5 months.

Mrinalini is the girl who was getting a market salary of 35 k and Air is giving her 1lac because she has divorced her Sindhi husband for Mr.Air. Kannada girl doing such rubbish job just to earn money. She travels with Melwani cum Air and satisfy his needs by licking, sucking and fucking .what a shame on this girl . How she can do this to get money.
Air introduced me to her and was like you are far better than her you can travel the world, have card, shop etc etc.. it\’s common for all.

I request you girl not to get carried away by these female who works for him. Recruiter are given 50k incentive and Pushpa Bonnel 5 L per girl.

RVM Foundation is a Brothel, Air Foundation is another side Brothel. Please save yourself . Media must catch and do sting operation on Air and Pushpa and Mrinalini.
Shame !!!

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