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These people are scamming others. They don’t treat anything.

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Ryan

I had visited RxWellness under the impression that they were professional and reliable chiropractors. I was wrong. They are liars especially Dr. Phil. That guy claims to be the best chiropractor in the area but knows nothing about adjustments. Dr. Phil had told my dad that he can cure his kidney disease and make him a fit person. When he presented doubt, Dr. Phil told him made up stories of his patients and how he has even cured one’s diabetes. It pains me to write this but it’s true. My dad got scammed by these phony doctors. Dr. Phil shouldn’t even be a doctor. He scammed my dad for 6 months. When he realized that my dad was getting skeptical he just told him that he can’t treat my dad. He told him that he gave up. That’s easy for him to say but what about all those thousands of dollars he charged my dad for nothing? Those unnecessary consultations and useless adjustments weren’t free of cost. That bastard was charging my dad extra for ‘special treatment’. I didn’t expect my dad to get scammed this way too but I can’t blame the old guy. He’s 65 and the amount of pain he endures can easily affect his judgment.

Moreover, who can doubt the expertise of a chiropractor who runs one of the biggest clinics of the area? Who can? I came to find out about this phony schmuck when it was already too late. My dad had visited the guy for months and he hadn’t seen or felt any results. The only result he had was the constant pain in his back because of too many adjustments. He told me about Dr. Phil and how he claimed to treat my dad’s kidney disease through his adjustments. I told my dad that it wasn’t possible. There’s no chiropractor in the world that can treat such conditions. You need a real doctor for those diseases. I had to meet my dad and talk to him for hours. Only then he got convinced that he was actually getting scammed. I contacted Dr. Phil then and asked him about my dad’s treatment. He told me that he has stopped treating my dad because his case is beyond his expertise. That guy couldn’t treat my dad in the first place. He just lied to the old man so that he could fill his pockets. I bet that’s how he’s running RxWellness Spine & Health. He lies to his patients that he can treat this and that and some of them trust the guy. Who wouldn’t trust the doctor who’s been adjusting his spine for months? I had asked Dr. Phil for compensation but he denied it. It was worth a shot. I knew that a thief wouldn’t return any of my dad’s money. All I know is Dr. Phil and RxWellness Spine & Health are major scams. It’s much safer for you to avoid this place and this doctor.

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