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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

S & N Property Management, Ned Impastato is a total manipulator, He lives in a big house in Grosse Pointe on Anita, Has a housekeeper, a maid, and an expensive lawn service. He funnels all of the services through his “company” S & N Property Managerment, and uses it as one of his MANY excuses to not pay his bills. We contracted to cut his lawn for 3 years, every year it was a shell game trying to catch this guy to pay his bill. The final straw was when I FINALLY got in touch with him this year, after he avoided my calls, bills, letters, he said he would give us a new “company and address” to send the bill on Monday. We could submit the bill, and get paid by his “company”. He continued to avoid my pleas for payment. When I finally got him to pick up his phone, By calling from a different number, I was told “I am not paying this bill, I don’t have any money” When my husband stopped by his house to talk to him, Ned Impastato told him “get out of here, I’m NOT paying you, I’m broke, they repossesed my truck” All of this is a lie. He plays games by having multiple “companies” used to write off his personal bills, quit claims properties into his wife Diane Impastato’s name to avoid collection, and has put his house into his daughter Gina Impastatos name to avoid paying his debts. He is still driving his nice truck, as are the rest of his family members. I want to get paid for the work that was done. Beware of this man, this “company” and this family!

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