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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have a very unusual Bait and Switch scam for all truck drivers living in the Sanford, NC area. This couple will hire you, then get you to hire into RCT/Red Classic Transit, LLC in Charlotte. They’ll tell you that you will get $0.33 cpm and their truck needs repairs. It does! All kinds of repairs! The sort of things that the DOT would shut down the truck for and get the driver points on their safety records. Then once you’re hired in by RCT, they’ll say they’re looking for 2500-3000 miles per week. You’d think this wouldn’t be difficult to do, and admittedly, it’s not. I made it. However, they’ll also tell you that they have some huge repair bills on the truck with RCT. The husband will say that he spend $13,000 in repairs because the last driver wrecked it and RCT had to get the truck “road worthy” for that much. However, I discovered that there were NO repair bills exceeding $1300. That’s a tenth of what they claimed to have spent. RCT had NO records of any sort of repairs that were nearly that much. I saw the computer screen with my own eyes! The husband then was deployed to the Middle East. Understandable considering that he’s active duty military. But his wife is completely uneducated about the trucking industry and has NO desire to learn anything at all. He had me sign a “contract” with him and NOWHERE in the contract does it mention his wife at all! NOWHERE! Yet, I had to take my orders from her. She developed a snippy and snide attitude. Maybe because I am a woman actually doing a man’s job. I don’t know and can’t prove it one way or another. However, after the “repair bills” were sufficiently paid, she calls and terminates my employment, claiming that she had spoken with her husband and that they are “going off to do something else”. Yes, I was paid my $0.33 cpm, but rather begrudgingly. RCT is the ONLY company I’ve ever encountered that has no system for cash advances or any other sort of assistance to the driver for on the road expenses and they’ll reimburse the driver/owner in 2-3 weeks for anything with a receipt such as tolls, etc. I went 2 weeks without a paycheck because of Mike Eckhardt. Me and my husband went 3 days without any sort of food or drink because of Mike Eckhardt. They were constantly telling me that they were having to run the truck expenses on “personal income” after the huge repair bill for the “wreck”, if there ever was one. Yes, there was MINOR damage to the truck when I got it. But that’s not the only thing… The heating and a/c did NOT work. The right steer tire needed replacing. The truck needed a 3 axle alignment. The passenger side window did NOT work. There were at least 2 major air leaks in the air system. Slamming the doors was necessary to make sure they were shut properly. In short, the truck would NOT have passed any sort of DOT inspection on any level. And that’s just the truck. That’s not counting the loads that, for the most part, were illegal in some way. Either by gross weight or axle weight. Neither Mike or Suzanne Eckhardt nor RCT wanted me to scale the truck at any time. I suppose they wanted me to take the fall for the illegal weights. I can honestly say that I have perfect scores and that’s the specific reason why Mike Eckhardt hired me. And then his assinine wife wanted me to violate the rules and regulations. RCT said they wanted full communications, yet when I did that very thing, they turned to backbiting me to Suzanne Eckhardt and telling her that I was being petty. And not a single word from Mike once he deployed. Yet, he was able to send me an email telling me that if I needed anything done right away, to let him know. I did. And got NO response. According to Mike Eckhardt, Suzanne Eckhardt and RCT, my best wasn’t good enough nor were any of them satisified with my job performance. Yet, in the 2 weeks that I was in control of the truck, I racked up 6,235 miles, 99% of that was hauling loads as I was assigned them. I had NO complaint from the different plant personnel where I delivered. I was always on time, courteous, respectful, polite and even personable…ALL THE TIME. My “dispatcher” Kevin Lawson was not on the job most of the time and was gone from work a lot of the time. Yet he was the one who was doing the most griping. I did as I was told and still got messed over by this group of people. The upper management at RCT refused to do anything to help the situation. They are spineless and without any sort of honor. They are not a good company to work for. And neither is an American soldier and his uneducated wife. At one point, I had a choice of people to work for. A Russian had offered me a job driving his truck at the same time. Yet, it was a mistake to choose to work for an American, let alone an American soldier. This is the worst scam job that’s ever been pulled on me. The entire trucking industry is corrupt, from top to bottom. Even OOIDA serves their own interests and not the drivers. This will be THE last time that I will drive. I am done with all this corruption and filth. There is NO company or individual out there who owns a truck that is honest, respectable or worth anything. And drivers are no better as long as they go along with the corruption. It’s called Guilt by Association. I will be moving on to an entirely different career. Accounting. I am done with being gone from home, suffering the hardships that are so easily imposed on drivers, missing out on major family events, and not having any sort of life. At least by becoming an accountant, I’ll be able to be home at night, and sleep in the comfort of my own bed without having to smell diesel exhaust or hear the engines, although, admittedly, I will miss that. I didn’t become a driver to be a lumper. I didn’t become a driver so I could be some company’s whipping post. And I certainly didn’t become a driver to be used and lied to. I became a driver so I could serve this country with pride, respect, and honor. And in case no one has noticed, the wages of $0.30 to $0.50 are still stuck in the 1970’s. My husband started in 1974 and was getting $0.33 cpm then. Nothing is ever going to change unless we, the drivers, decide to stand up for ourselves and quit being the accomplices to this corruption. If you’re not willing to do anything about a crime that you see, you’re as bad as the criminal who commits it. And with that, I’m closing this report. Thank you for reading this diatribe about how I got messed over once yet again in my quest to support and take care of my family.

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