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I could not stand there anymore and therefore took my daughter and rushed out of there.

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Published: 18 August 2019

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One day, when I got back home from the office, my 7-year-old daughter told me that she is experiencing pain in her teeth. I decided to take her to a doctor as soon as possible. It was a little late. Usually, most of the dental clinics close after 8 P.M. I checked up online about dentist clinics for kids nearby and saw the name of Safari Children’s Dentistry. Since I did not have much time, I called the place to get an emergency appointment. The first few times that I called them, no one picked up the call. After trying for four to five times more, someone picked up the call and thankfully, had a doctor available at their clinic. I took my daughter and reached the clinic.
After reaching the clinic, I had to wait for almost half an hour as the doctor ‘was busy with something important’. I thought what could be more important to a doctor than a patient who is in pain. After a while, we were called into the doctor’s cabin. Although the doctor was young, he did not seem to be a jolly one. My daughter, after meeting him, got pretty scared. He checked her teeth and told me that there seems to be a layer of plaque that is causing the pain and it would need to be cleaned. He hurriedly wrote some medicines for the pain and told us to come back after three days.
The medicines did not help much. My daughter could not eat properly because of the pain. After suffering for three days, we went back to the doctor. He had not come and we had to wait for another hour. The receptionist did not seem too friendly either. When I asked for a glass of water, she told me that all the staff members were busy. I chose not to make this an issue. Finally, the doctor arrived and we went in.
The doctor told us that he would be using a scaler and instead of assuring my daughter, he blatantly told her that ‘it might hurt’ to be ‘realistic’. My daughter got scared and started crying. The heartless doctor laughed at this. I wanted to take my daughter and storm out of that place but I just wanted to see my daughter’s pain gone and so I stayed by her side, assuring her that nothing would happen.
The procedure began. The doctor did not use anesthesia. He cleaned off my daughter’s tooth using a piece of wet cloth quite aggressively. After that, he took out the scaler and started the procedure. In a hurry, he cut my daughter’s tongue with the scaler. Even after this, he did not choose to stop. After almost half an hour, the process was completed.
If you love your child and don’t want them to feel scared or hurt, I would suggest you keep them away from Safari Children’s Dentistry, as far as possible.

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