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Safe-option is a broker scam. They steal your money and you have no chance of ever getting it back!

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This is just another one in a long line of fraudulent companies that trade with binary options. I’ve already encountered several of these but this one is particularly bad. When trading with other companies, most of the times you just seem to lose money when trading binary options. Safe-option is one hell of a scary site. One of the major issues with this site is that they are not approved by the FCA and not many people know that. In fact, you can even get charged with engaging in criminal behavior only by using their services.
And let’s talk about those services for a minute. Frist of all, the main reason you are cautioned to stay away from them is this: they do not allow you to win. What that means is you can deposit as much as you like, trade as much as you like, but if you don’t have an amazing trading record of let’s say 65-70%, the fees alone of one Safe-option will kill you.
So you can play with them and have all the luck in the world, it would still not matter. And if you somehow manage to win and create any capital for yourself, you won’t be able to withdraw it. And yes, I know that for a fact, it’s not just a bold accusation. Here is the story behind my claims.
I deposited $3,000 with the safe option a while ago and wanted to blow it up, see if I could triple my investment and be on my way. Let me tell you about binary options. It is basically a gambling gum where you bet on future positions of your stock and it has only 2 values. Up or down, and based on all the data available, you guess where it will be. So you can see how risky that is in the first place. Back to my $3,000!
As soon as I deposited the funds, a senior manager named Eddy Allen presented himself and offered guidance with a couple of opening trades. I naturally agreed and he placed an order for 15 trades, which somehow were highly successful. The problem is that he placed those with $10 stake a piece and the profits he made me were really small. He then told me to start trading on my own and test the waters a bit. But he also offered his guidance in trading for a certain fee. I picked the door number two, figuring that it was the way to go.
11 days into my trading, this professional started training on his own with my money. The thing is, he was making all these bad trades that were really obvious losers. I was up almost $2,000 when I was training on my own and this guy left my account with $1,400 dent in it. He apologized and blamed it on the system lagging and even showed me a proof of his other trading on that day and they were all in the green.
At this point, I fully realized the scope of the problem. This guy was obviously lying and his records were completely fabricated. Even the introduction trades were dummy ones and were designed to attract me to deposit some more money. And I stopped all trades that he ordered and from my original investment, I was left with just over $1,100. That is only a third of my money invested and it presented a loss of almost 70% of my total capital.
Then I decided to withdraw my money from these bastards. The problem was that these fraudsters were not actually licensed by the FCA. So that meant that I had no control over the withdrawals or any money I’d already deposited to them. Not really!
And I asked around. They are doing this shit to everyone. First, you have to trade a certain amount of money before you can withdraw. That wasn’t advertised at all. And second, they are obligated to process your withdrawal within 120 days and that’s exactly how much time they take doing it. But in the meantime, the deposits are processed immediately. Complete scammers.
I finally gave up on Eddy Allen and Safe-option just because I had no strength of fighting with them or with the police. So fuck them and the money they stole from me. I hope they choke on it.

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