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Threatened by 'Mentally Ill' Shopper

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Published: 25 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

Never in my life did I anticipate writing a review of Safeway, an American grocery store which I rarely visit. Today, however, marks a first (and hopefully last ever) visit to this grocery store in Lake Oswego, Oregon. And, the grocery chain, as a whole. Here’s why.

I went into the store to make a small purchase. Before doing so, I needed to use the loo and waited in line. While waiting in line, I waited for over 10 minutes while a man washed himself in the bathroom. I knew he was taking a bath in there, but was polite and didn’t bug him. I knocked after about 10 minutes.

While minding my own business, a female rushes over and starts to scream at me. I take one earbud out and get a, ”are you in line for the restroom?” What kind of question is this? Of course, read the context clues of where I’m standing and that the door is locked, and someone’s shopping cart is in front of the restroom. What a stupid question.

Well, I thought that was the end of the interaction. Nope.

The girl proceeds to babble on at me and I put my earbuds in to drown her babbling out. She gets closer and I turn my back. Still, ”babble, babble, babble.” I take on earbud out and scream, ”Get away from me – now. Why are you still talking to me?. Go!”

Then, she cuts in front of me while I’m in line, to which I reprimand her.

Now, get this, after I gave the person several non-verbal cues to get away from me, which includes ignoring her completely, she used her mental illness and started going on some tirade, ”I’m scared. You’re hurting me. You’re physically hurting me. Don’t make me use the police.”

Wow! What on God’s green Earth are you talking about? I screamed at you so you would get the hint to leave me alone. I was 4+ feet away from you, and did not lay one finger on you or make any suggestion I would physically hurt you. Yet you use your mental illness to threaten me, why?

Sadly, this person’s misbehavior is common for the Portland-Metro area. Common sense people such as myself are often ’punished’ by stores with regards to a ”Safe Space” policy. I have no idea how ”Safe Space” is constitutional.

In America, I have free speech. This includes, if I so choose, to even flip the bird to someone whom I do not like. Yes, that’s right, it is not against the law in America to give someone a middle finger.

Why then, am I being threatened by a customer, who came into my personal space, and who very clearly started talking with me, badgering me for attention?

If you are a police officer and you are reading this, please consider writing tickets to people for wasting your precious time. It’s a waste of taxpayer dollars to make threats and/or enact on threats to call the police because you had a distasteful interaction with someone. This is unacceptable behavior for adults, and I would strongly suggest if you are the store manager, to remove the offender who started the ordeal – aka the customer.

I never did make a purchase here due to being threatened by a mentally ill customer. I would never want this to happen to someone else, and strongly urge both local law enforcement and the store manager to be aware of who is walking around in your store.

Thank you for reading.

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