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Jail Masquerading as a Grocery Store

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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

Dear Sir or Madam,

This note regards a complaint to address an overall store experience at the Safeway located in downtown Portland, Oregon on 10th Ave.

I was travelling through the area (do not have exact date – date on online form is an estimate), and somewhat of an irregular customer. I stopped in for a snack, and was surprised, first to see an armed police officer outside the door I entered. I was taken aback, because where I am from, I would never in my life be greeted at a grocer’s by an armed police officer. This was a distasteful ”first impression” to a new guest/visitor. I felt as if I were deemed to be a criminal from the get go, and did not feel welcomed in the store because of this. But, I was there, so why not go in and get a snack?

When I entered, obtained a snack and paid – I then went to the loo area. When I went to the loo area to use the loo, I was shocked that it was locked. I went to the customer service area to get a code, and guess what? The individual working would not give me the code! The person walked me over like a small child and put the hand over the key pad and then entered the bathroom code! This confirmed my ”first impression” of your grocery store being operated like a local jail. The person was a white woman over 35.

First, I am a paying customer. Yet, I was treated in a sub-par manner, why? This is what I desire to know. I do not feel comfortable supporting your store, your brand when travelling the West Coast, and am sure to tell each and every one of my friends of your ”jail” tactics not giving a grown adult a key code to use the loo.

I am long gone from your store, now. But, I suggest you look into how you treat, or should I say mistreat people. It’s unacceptable what you are doing, and a huge turn off for your entire store brand. It’s a buzz kill and mood killer to be treated like a criminal when you *made a purchase.*

The store is also near an art museum and right downtown. Lots of travelers go downtown to shop, mingle, have a good time. Think of all the people who may never go in because of the armed police officer as the ”greeter.”

Please consider, that this mistreatment has lasting (and perhaps, traumatizing effects) to people who are innocent and simply seeking a mid-day snack. It’s unacceptable to treat everyone as a weak link, simply because your store may have had some loss in the past.

Lastly, when I left the loo area – I tried to go out a different way – only to find another armed police officer outside the second exit. You should be ashamed at the jail you have created, that is masquerading as a grocery store.

Safeway at 1030 SW Jefferson St is the most unwelcoming grocery store *cough* jail, I have ever been into in my entire life!

Thank you for your time and for reading.

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