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Published: 08 May 2019

Posted by: Merry

Whenever I used to read the bad reviews about any product or service, I used to think how pathetic those guys must be, however, after my experience with Sage Endodontics, I, myself is writing such a review. At first I wasn’t going to post this review, however, the pain and agony I went through because of these maniacs motivated me to write this post and tell the world what type of fucktards they are. If I had to define Sage Endodontics in one word then it would be- SHIT! The management of this clinic is non-sense and they don’t have a clue about customer satisfaction, they basically don’t know how to properly treat their customers. The main dentist of this clinic is a cold-hearted guy who does not think about anyone else’s feelings. He is a very toxic human being and is too selfish to be a doctor. If you read the other reviews about this place online, you will get an impression that it is a great clinic, however, all of those reviews are PAID REVIEWS, they are not real. Everyone knows that having ~300~ 5 stars rated reviews is totally impossible for any business. It means that all those 300 customers were 100% satisfied with their service, and a place like Sage Endodontics, never provides such impressive services or results. I got an appointment here online and they made the wait for more than an hour because apparently, the dentist was busy running some errands. I waited patiently only to be told by the receptionist to leave. She stated that the dentist might take a few more HOURS and I should leave instead of waiting. It was totally absurd, couldn’t she have told me this before. I wouldn’t have wasted my time like a moron if she told me that the doc was gonna be on a leave. I asked the receptionist whether the doctor knew about the appointment and guess what, SHE EVADED THE QUESTION and started checking her phone. She told me that she could get me another appointment but I just refused her offer. I was not going to waste more of my time at this piece of shit. They charged me for the appointment that I never got and on top of that, the waiting period was a total hell ride. The air conditioner was not working and the staff at the front desk was talking loudly. I went to a different dentist the next day and she was a thousand times much better than the one I wasn’t even able to meet. I would strongly suggest that you avoid Sage Endodontics because their business model is quite shady. My visit to Sage Endodontics was a total waste of my time and money. After seeing such a business operate without any hassles, I was really disappointed in the world. People are giving money to fraudsters, scammers and con artists, without even realizing it!

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