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Sai Rajesh - Pervert Alert, Sexual Harassment

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Published: 16 March 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This sicko is super annoying to persist with asking me for nudes to use for his “practicals” as a practicing doctor in India. Also, he disregarded my words about it being cheating when I have a significant other in a committed relationship. He thinks it’s okay to send him pictures of my bare breasts and privates for masturbation claiming that “u and I long time” and that being friends mean giving everything without boundaries. That’s so messed up! He believes that I’m kindly that I would give him whatever he wants, which does have its limitations that he doesn’t consider….even when I told him that sharing details about sexual experiences makes me feel uncomfortable, yet he kept going on about his past experiences with his ex-girlfriend. What he’s doing is moving too fast when I don’t know him well. Plus, he’s a real creeper for sexually fantasizing about me by looking at my profile photos and made a comment about my chest.

Don’t believe a guy who tells you that you’re weak just because you won’t give him what he wants (i.e. a picture of your bra or nudes). He’s using this psychological tactic to manipulate you into caving in to him.

Best to block him, Ladies.

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