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Published: 24 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This company has lost more money for its clients than made!!! This company is only out for themselves, the upper management team have no clue what is really going on. Rich Crowther, the Program Manager is one of the nicest guys but don’t let that smile fool you, he is not truthful and he is clueless, there are four things he is lacking, he has no idea how to be a leader, he doesn’t know how to sell, he cant train, and finally he belongs in the stone-age. when it comes to technology, reporting, etc, I would rate him a 2-out of a 10. The Administrative staff, just as bad…. Interested companies, I am not a disgruntled employee I am writing this because I want you to do your research before investing in this company. It doesn’t matter if you are investing $5000 or $250,000 you WILL lose it. Your ROI will be zero. Ask for references, more then one. They won’t be able to provide them. I am submitting this e-mail as my formal resignation from the position of Team Lead for the Pure Talk program in the Seattle, Wa market. Effective EOD 12/13/14. I have tried to meet your expectations with this program while receiving very little support or answers to mine and my team’s questions and program troubles, but after great consideration I do not feel as though this position is a good fit for me any more. I feel a complete lack of appreciation and respect for my reps with the constant changing of expectations placed upon them, change of schedules with no advanced notice, pressure to sell when we get no resolutions for problems we encounter while placing orders, problems processing payroll, etc. I can no longer mediate and defend these directives with a clear conscious as I do not find them fair myself. I have a great group of people on my team, and do not feel comfortable treating them this way. I have spent way more than 40 hours a week on this program, traveling to my different stores, keeping up with scheduling and reporting, trying to accommodate the almost daily changes in directives, trying to attend mandatory conference calls with only minutes notice, etc… and it is obviously not generating the results you would like to see. I sincerely hope you can find someone who can live up to these expectations. I have distributed all surplus inventory to my 4 stores and will be sending e-mails to my reps, as well as some final e-mails to the Sales Focus staff to make sure everyone is updated on where this market is sitting upon my departure. .

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