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Published: 24 March 2019

Posted by: Gregory Wallace

If you’re thinking of starting a career in sales or if you have any interest in Sales, then you must have heard the name of Sales Gravy or Jeb Blount. This company is all about scamming people and not about sales. They should be called ‘Scams Gravy’ because of the high number of scams they are running by hiding behind the fake exterior of being an information company. They are selling useless courses and products and for that, they charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

When I used one of their high costing `I realized the kind of scam they are running. I also found that this company is deceiving a huge number of people. Jeb is able to fill his pockets and get filthy rich by using fishy schemes and selling useless information products. His company doesn’t face any problems for releasing pathetic products because ‘the success of the students depends on them and not the training material’. Sales Gravy is one of the most wasteful places available on the internet. If you really want to advance your career in sales, I suggest going someplace else because, in my personal experience, Sales Gravy is nothing more than a sham. It would be a lot better for you to concentrate on other credible platforms.

Jeb Blount is a powerful marketer and he uses his knowledge of   in cheating people through Sales Gravy. I haven’t seen any worse service provider or knowledge seller. Blount is like any other low-level self-help guru. His products are useless.

This article will help you understand how Sales Gravy is able to pull off its devious schemes and why you shouldn’t get in touch with them at all. I have also shared my personal experience with Sales Gravy.

I wanted to make sure that nobody else has to face the problems I had to face. It’s essential to raise awareness about the reality of Sales Gravy. I hope you find this article helpful.

How I wasted my $999 on Sales Gravy

I found out the reality of Sales Gravy and Jeb Blount the hard way. I had to lose $999 to really understand those guys are nothing more than a huge scamming company. Their method of deceiving people is quite simple. They market their courses as some of the best ones and due to the large number of courses available on their websites, it’s quite easy to trust them.

When a company has dozens of courses present on its website and all of them are based on one skill, chances are, you’ll begin to trust it quickly. Apart from that, Jeb Blount has written multiple books and he regularly posts content on different blogs. As a result, you wouldn’t have even a tad bit of doubt about his company his knowledge. How could someone with so much authority be actually a scam? Questions like this will certainly bug your mind.

I am a salesman myself. And like any other serious professional, I also wanted to boost my skills and get ahead. I believe in constant learning. So I had started searching online about the best courses on sales and to my surprise, Sales Gravy used to dominate the searches. I wouldn’t lie, there were many other sales coaches available too but Jeb Blount seemed like the real deal. I hate the day when I thought Jeb is the one I want to learn from. His blog posts and articles are quite insightful unlike his courses. Therefore, it was quite easy for me to get fooled by them.

You don’t expect someone who is being too generous to suddenly become a wicked cheater, right? I didn’t think Jeb Blount was a scammer and I despise this thought now. There isn’t much negative available on the internet about Jeb and his company as well.

After reading a few of his articles, I thought I should get sales courses from him as well. He runs two websites: Sales Gravy and Fanatical Prospecting. I chose the former and thought it was better because of the large number of available course hence the title of this article is also on Sales Gravy.

I bought the one year all access pass of his courses and thought it would be the best investment for me. I paid the fees of $999 to his website and that was the day when I doomed my career. I took one of his many courses present on the site. At first, the course seemed a little promising. But after making a little progress in the course I began to see that it failed to provide any value. It was only discussing the basics of sales which every salesperson knows about. I still completed the course in the hope that it will give me some knowledge. I was wrong. The course was full of BS and provided me with no knowledge whatsoever. I went on to another course and even though it had a different title, it was discussing the same trash all over again.

I kept up with the trashy courses of Sales Gravy for a few days. Now, the courses I had tried were small. When I tried using the bigger courses about negotiation and lead generation, they didn’t start.

There was some technical error maybe, which caused the course to not open at all. I contacted the customer support for this problem. I had paid them for an all year access to all the courses but I still wasn’t able to access a large number of courses. The courses were blocked and I wanted to access them. The customer support told me they will look into the matter and tell me later how I can make progress in this field.

I waited for a number of days (around 4 or 5) and I contacted them again. They told me there must be some other kind of technical error and ‘they will look into the matter’. Those bastards were simply giving me the same reply again and again. I wondered if they were taking me as a joke. Nonetheless, a few days later, I received an email from Jeb Blount about an ‘Premium Sales Acceleration Webinar’ which cost $499 to access. I was like, “WHAT??” I had paid them for an ALL ACCESS PASS for a reason. I checked if my pass worked but it didn’t. I still had to pay $499 to access that webinar. Now, the water had gone over the head.

I contacted the customer support and discussed the issue with them. Either they are a bunch of retards or just act like them because those guys game the same reply of  ‘we will look into the matter’. I told them that I have been waiting for weeks to get access to courses which I was supposed to have access to already. I told them to get me in touch with a superior.

I didn’t get a satisfactory reply from their senior representative as well. So I asked them to cancel my subscription and give me a refund. It had only been a few weeks since I registered and I had paid them for a whole year’s access.

They could had deducted the fees for a month and then give me a refund but they did something different. THEY NEVER GAVE ME A REFUND!!

I contacted them multiple times and every time, they told me that I had accepted their policies which clearly state that they don’t give refunds. That’s when I realized that Sales Gravy is nothing more than a big scam. All of the courses they display on their websites are either useless or inaccessible. They will persuade you to purchase the membership of multiple months and when you do, you will still have to pay them for high-level and advanced courses and webinars. It’s a shame that these people are able to operate freely. These guys are running a high-level scam and they should be thrown in jail for it.

Jeb Blount isn’t the culprit of this scam. His entire company is a part of it. They shouldn’t allow such a scam to grow at this rate. Jeb knows marketing, at least that’s for sure. He writes high-quality articles to make himself seem like a legitimate and authoritative professional. In reality, these all are just baits for people so they will buy products from his website. All of the products available on his website are useless. I’m sure that like me, you’ll also regret spending any money on Sales Gravy and its partner website Fanatical Prospecting.

They are spending a lot of money on their marketing and online reputation management. This lets them lure more customers and deceive them easily. I had fallen prey to his scam because of the numerous articles he has written on his website and other blogs. I had thought he was a trustworthy guy, which he clearly isn’t. Apart from that, I hadn’t found anything negative about him online. Now I know that he gets all the negative reviews removed from other websites so he can maintain his pristine reputation.

I never got my $999 back. And those were the worst $999 I have ever spent in my life. I have made it my mission to make others aware of his vicious scams.

How Jeb uses social media to get more victims for Sales Gravy

As a sales guy himself, Jeb knows the value of social media. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are ruling the world and it is almost impossible for a person to not know about them. And in order to attract customers, Jeb Blount uses Twitter and Youtube. By the looks of it, I can say for sure that Jeb got into social media just for the sole purpose of getting more customers. He doesn’t upload any high quality original content and most of the things he posts on his Twitter and YT channel are the promos of his courses.

Sometimes Jeb also uses linkedin, but he doesnt use it for getting more victims, instead he uses linkedin for clearing up his reputation.

Why does he have to clear up his reputation?

It is because his courses are shit and he never gives refunds, which results in people sharing their experience online. And thus, showing the true face of Jeb, which he doesn’t want anyone to see.

What is the Sales Gravy University?

According to Sales Gravy dot University, SG Uni is “where top sales people reach their peak”. It is an online course store, where you can buy low quality sales courses for horrible prices. Sales Gravy University just for making money and nothing else. I bought the all access pass and I know how much quality content they really have. It is certainly much worse than any standard course website. Most of their courses are a ripoff and the articles that they provide are useless as well. All their premium content would have been worth it, if there was no internet, as most of the information they provide after charging you a hefty amount of money, is available online for free.

I glanced through some of their courses and below is my overview:

Complex Tech: Selling Technology & SaaS in Hyper-Competitive Marketplace

The instructor of this course is Keith Lubner, who teaches you how to “act like” a consultant and sell stuff online. I viewed a couple of this course’s video and I soon found out that it is just like a generic Saas course. The only benefit of this course is the video editing quality and vivid transitions other than that there is nothing new in this course. The biggest downside of this course, is its price tag of a hundred bucks and for that much money you can get dozens of different courses which cover this topic on a much more advanced level.

Proactive Prospecting Strategies

This $150 course is an overhyped one. Prospecting is a very difficult tasks to do for a salesperson and only experience can help you get better at it. However, if Sales Gravy told you this, then why would you buy their courses. That is why they hide the truth. This course claims to help you make better decisions and “open” more doors of opportunities, however, all of these things are totally philosophical and thus, don’t hold much practical value. This is certainly one of the worst courses available on the Sales Gravy University.

Other Victims

Jeb Blount is not a new guy in the industry and he has years of experience of persuading people and scamming them. After my experience with Sales Gravy and Jeb Blount, I looked up online and found many others who have also suffered because of Sales Gravy.

I know that he gets those complaint removed so I’m posting them here. I don’t know how long will they be available on different complaint boards as Jeb uses his money and connections to remove these reviews regularly.

Jeb Blount has a team of professionals which is on a constant lookout for any negative reviews of critical content against him and/or his content, and these guys take such content down. A lot depends upon their reputation and if they don’t make an illusion of quality, no one is going to buy their crap.

I want you to know that I’m not the only victim of Sales Gravy and there are many other professionals who have been victimized by Sales Gravy and Jeb Blount.

1) They stole $399 from me!!

I bought the Slammed! New Sales Manager Boot Camp from the Sales Gravy website for $799. However after reading some horrible reviews online, I decided to cancel it and get a refund. When I cancelled it, they did not give me my money back. So I called the customer support and they told me that they cannot initiate the refund because it is against their policy. Hearing this, I immediately contacted my lawyer and asked him about this situation and also asked him if a company can steal money from their customer. And when I told the customer support that I will sue them if they don’t refund my money, they did give me the refund, however, they only deposited $300. After that, they have stopped responding to my email and calls. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy their stuff. A company which steals money from their customers, is  certainly not a good organization. I cancelled the Boot Camp the same day I bought it, so there is no way that it was out of their time limit. These people are selling overpriced courses and products. P.S. I still haven’t received my other $400 from them and it doesn’t seem that they are going to give it back.

2) I worked from Sales Gravy and it was dreading!

I worked for Sales Gravy as a saleswoman for 2 years and other than the food and travel, there are no benefits of working here. The managers don’t respect the employees and are always behaving rudely. The fellow co-workers don’t give a f*ck about the quality of their work and they procrastinate most of the time. And forget about work life balance because this thing does not exist in Sales Gravy’s office. If you are not feeling comfortable then you cannot contact the HR, because there is just too much politics here. Me and the whole sales team were forced to sell generic courses to the clients and if we failed to do that, the managers yelled at us. It was the worst 2 years in my whole professional life. NEVER WORK FOR SALES GRAVY, I have done that mistake and I don’t want anyone else to suffer like I did.

3) SG University is the most useless thing on the internet

I went to a seminar where Jeb Blount was giving a speech, he motivated me to buy his courses from Sales Gravy. I was so hyped up at that moment that I wanted to get all the courses available and thus I bought their all access pass. However, after a few hours I realized that most of the courses are extremely generic and they don’t provide any valuable knowledge. I have done many cheap courses on Lynda and Udemy, but they weren’t very detailed, I thought that the Sales Gravy University would provide some in-depth knowledge about sales and prospecting. But it was not the case. When I filed for a refund, the customer support team of Sales Gravy told me that I have breached their Terms and Conditions and thus they will not give me the refund. This was just outrageous as I filed for the refund just after 3 days of buying the all access pass. When I called the customer support and told them that I would file a complaint on RipOff Report if they don’t give me my money back, they instantly initiated my refund. This company provides some of the worst quality courses for exquisite prices, and they certainly don’t want people to know that. If you were thinking of buying their courses or books, then I would recommend you not to do that, because you are just going to regret it.

As you can see from the complaint posted above that Sales Gravy isn’t a credible platform at all.

In Conclusion Sales Gravy is trash

I only wanted to make other people like you, aware of the reality of Sales Gravy. As you can see, this website is nothing more than a sham and a malicious scheme to steal money from people who want to make some progress in their lives. There are many victims of Sales Gravy’s scams and this number is only going to increase in the future.

Sales Gravy is only selling useless courses in the name of improving your professional knowledge. The only knowledge one can receive from Sales Gravy is that one should stay away from them. These people need to be thrown in jail for their scams.

Don’t you think so?

Shouldn’t Sales Gravy be shut down because of its large number of scams and fraudulent activities?

Shouldn’t Jeb Blount get punished for running such a criminal organization?

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