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Published: 14 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I took my Miniature Dachshund Hunter to get her shots at Salida Veterinary Hospital. Even know their prices are steep I paid extra because it was local. My first impressions of Salida Veterinary Hospital was that the office was small, could be cleaner and the staff could smile more. There was also a slight odor but being a Veterinarian Hospital in a older building I gave them some slack. I love my little Hunter so needless to say I was horrified by the flowing the events that took place. He snatched my tiny puppy from my arms placed her on the table with no compassion. When his assistant tried to offer Hunter a treat he rudely scolded her in front of myself and my daughter. Then Dr Sessa’s attention turned to my Hunter…He took her face with both hands and tried pulling her by her head towards him. When she resisted he roughly forced her down and I mean rough. Then he scolded me because she would not give her head to him in a easy manner. Well she was a terrified puppy who was being manhandled by a cold hearted rude man. A quick note…When we returned home I grabbed her face with both hands (in a gentle manner) and she looked at me with love. I didn’t see the horror in her face and body reaction like I did when he grabbed her face. I had to pry my puppy away from him where he continued to lecture me about everything and that includes my choice in a holistic puppy diet. To this very day my Dachshund will not allow a man to grab her face. If one does she cowers in fear so basically I overpaid a arrogant Veterinarian to traumatize my dog for life. You really had to be there to understand how awful it was and believe me it was awful, humiliating and degrading. Further more I had to explain to my young child why I was being yelled at and what’s sad is to this day I have know idea why! I have been a horse trainer for 15 years and I know how a animal should be treated and within Dr. Sessa’s office is all the wrong things for successfully teaching/life lessons of a animal. Any animal dog or horse will back away in fear if met with harsh hands in a hard environment. I have recently been reading reviews about his practice and see that they are not so good. With some being downright scary for any pet owner. It also seems if you leave a bad review he will publish lies about the author being on video and rants on in a unprofessional manner. People who are looking for a Veterinarian, Modesto is only miles away so I strongly encourage you to drive a few extra miles for the quality care your beloved pet deserves. After seeing what this awful man says about his negative reviewers I cringe to think what kind of falsehoods he may make up about me but if this review helps one pet it’s worth it. I am hoping this will soften him but we shall see by his response! In closing if he says your pet needs a expensive medication please get a second opinion. Good luck and God Bless! .

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