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Published: 23 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

When we moved to Utah 5 years ago, we were steered to Salisbury Homes by our realtor. Salisbury was building houses fast at affordable prices, so we bought one. To begin with, we were moving to an area that had been farmland, so we had the ground surveyed and were told that we needed to have a layer of visquine laid over the ground before the cement was poured for our house’s foundation. We relayed this message to Salisbury and they opted not to do this at all. Later they told us they refused because they measured the ground for water and could not even hit it. A few months after we moved in, it rained consistently for a couple of days and our entire back yard (1/2 and acre) flooded horribly. Our house was built low, with our back yard higher. We found out that Salisbury had not added any drainage to our property, so there was no way for the water to drain from our backyard. Calls to the building foreman resulted in him cussing my husband out for calling him after 5:00. We literally had to have the city come and pump the water out or our house would have flooded. After that, still being under warranty, Salisbury had to send the same jerk out to fix the problem. He burried a pump in the backyard, which my husband had to replace himself because the cheap one Salisbury’s guy was authorized to put in was insufficient for our large backyard. There were many other things to mention. The front landscape was not at all what their landscape guy told us it would be. We asked for bushes with color and got almost nome. The gold rocks in the front garden areas completely turned to grey when it rained and quickly becgan to crumble into a sand-like substance. Getting them to come out to fix anything was like pulling teeth. Less than a week after our initial 2 year warranty was up, one of our air-conditioners broke in the middle of summer. Salisbury’s guy came out and told us it would take 5-7 days for him to get a replacement motor, so we had to call out a local company. They drove to Vegas and got us one quickly. They also told us that the motor, from the air-conditioner, we still had under a manufacturer warranty did not match the air-condition unit we had. He said our system could not adequately handle that motor. The salisbury guy who installed the units straight out told us that he bought 10-12 motors from his son so he could make enough money to go to Alaska with him fishing. He said 10-12 houses in our development had the same motors. Thus our warranty was void. When I went to Salisbury, I hit a brick wall. No one would help and it was about 110 degrees outside. I finally got throught to one of the owners, Rick Salisbury, who didn’t care what the guy had done and refused to reimburse us for the unit. All he did was eventually make his air-conditioner guy pay for the replacement moror that still didn’t match our system. He even made a comment to me that he didn’t know what I was worried about, because according to his guy, I got a better motor. At the 5 year mark, our stucco and cement was cracked and we found out that Salisbury does not put rebar in their concrete unless you know this ahead of time and pay for an upgrade. They never even mentioned this as an option to us when we bought the house.

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