Salt Lake Dental Care - Clint Blackwood DDS

Dr. Blackwood is a moron and an irresponsible professional.

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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Edward

Avoid this place!!! He doesn’t know the ABC of the procedures he does on his patients.

I’m never going back there. I’d advise you to avoid Salt Lake Dental Care at all costs. You’d be better off going somewhere with real and professional dentists unlike this place, which has an idiot who pretends to know what he’s doing. If you could, then let others know about this fact too. You wouldn’t want any of your close friends or family to ruin their dental well-being, would you?

When I had visited this clinic, it was to get a dental implant. Dr. Blackwood had recommended me a dental implant. I had done a little online research about this place before visiting it. And according to its online reputation, it seems like a promising clinic. The reviews praise this place but in reality, it is pathetic. Dr. Blackwood installed an implant in my teeth and did the procedure quite quickly. When he had done the procedure so quickly, I had presumed him to be a fast dentist. I thought it was one of his specialties or something. But actually, this guy did the procedure very carefully. The implant was a little loose and that used to cause me a lot of pain whenever I ate or chewed something. Even when I drank something, it used to hurt me a lot. I was in a lot of agonizing pain for a few weeks. Finally, I caved in and contacted Dr. Blackwood if there was something wrong with my implant and if this pain was normal. He just said that the pain was normal and my mouth was getting used to the implant. He told me not to worry about anything. I was relieved to hear his response at that time. I was foolish too. I was a fool because I made the mistake of trusting this chimp blindly. He doesn’t know anything about dentistry and he is running a clinic and doing these crappy procedures on everyone. The pain didn’t go anywhere. I had to take a lot of painkillers daily to cope with the torture. Finally, I visited another dentist to find out what was wrong with me. The second dentist told me that my implant wasn’t done properly and it was causing an infection to develop. If I had been a little late, that infection could’ve spread and made my life a living hell. He treated that implant and helped me get rid of the constant agony. As for Dr. Blackwood, I had realized by that time that he’s nothing more than a big liar and scammer. He constantly lies to his numerous patients and claims to be a big shot expert while the truth is much different. Visiting that moron’s clinic put me through a lot of pain. Not only that, the implant had cost me a fortune too. Getting the implant treated cost me further. The lesson I learned was to stay away from this monster.

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