Samuel E. Selcher, DMD

Dr. Selcher is a scammer. He is a fraudster.

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Published: 25 May 2019

Posted by: Demond

Stay away from him and his clinic. He uses cheap and low-quality products for the treatment of his patients. I had gotten veneers at his clinic which were of really terrible quality. They were supposed to make my teeth look better but they didn’t even last for 3 months. They turned yellow quickly and I had to get them removed. I had visited his clinic around 5 or 6 months ago. I wanted to get veneers for my teeth because I have a few chipped ones. Dr. Selcher recommended me veneers too and said that I’ll be surprised by the end result. I was certain it was going to be an amazing treatment. I had to visit his clinic again and then, he started the procedure right away. Before he started the procedure, he didn’t tell me about the risks of the procedure or anything else related to that. He just started it. At that time, I didn’t notice it but now I’m well aware that Dr. Selcher did that deliberately. He is a greedy dentist who only wants to get the money from his patients. He was afraid that if I got aware of the risks of the procedure, then I wouldn’t get the treatment. So he just skipped that part. This is a huge red flag because it shows that he doesn’t treat his patients with good intent. He is a vicious professional who manipulates and lies. He did my veneering within a week. I was quite happy with the end result. But after 2 months, I noticed that my veneer cases were turning yellow. They were more yellow than my own teeth and made my teeth look worse. Veneers are supposed to blend with the rest of the teeth. This treatment was just the opposite of that. They weren’t blending with my teeth. In fact, they were looking at the teeth of some caveman. I visited another dentist to find out what was going on, Dr. Selcher was on a vacation at that time. This other dentist told me that the porcelain cases used by my previous dentist (Dr. Selcher) weren’t of good quality. In fact, they were made with some cheap material which wasn’t even up to the industry standard. Dr. Selcher HAD USED TRASHY CASES FOR MY VENEERING!!! Those veneers weren’t worth the hundreds of dollars I had spent on the treatment. If I needed such horrible treatment, I could have just gone to some cheap dentist and got it there. He charged me for professional treatment and gave me useless cases which were actually damaging my teeth. One of them even left a stain on my teeth. I had to get that stain removed. So instead of improving my smile Dr. Selcher RUINED MY SMILE! That guy isn’t a professional dentist. He is a professional scammer. He didn’t even accept his mistake or issue a refund for the terrible treatment he had given me. It’d be better for you if keep away from Dr. Selcher’s clinic.

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