Samuel G. Caruthers

Meet a new assaulter in town who get this, is a DOCTOR!

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Published: 22 August 2017

Posted by: Regina J. Sheckler

Samuel G. Caruthers, a Morris County anesthesiologist was a key person for the affair “Ski rage incident” when he assaulted a 12-year old boy at Mountain Creek. The police said that the boy was injured when they arrived.

This motherfucker punched a child? I would kill him if he did that to my child. I don’t care if I go to prison. This person should be hanged. I can only imagine how his folks would’ve felt! I don’t even care; this asshole hit a child with a ski pole. For that, I should use the eye for an eye principle.

And he is a doctor. That is the worst part of everything. The person whom you are giving your life to and he is a crazy person. I cannot believe what I’m reading. How many lives he saved and now he “accidentally” hit a child. I would kill him. I said that already and I’m sure of it.

As our sources tell us, Samuel G. Caruthers hit the boy in the face with a ski pole and the boy fell down and was badly injured.

We were informed that the parents of the child sued the attacker and he was charged in June. Of course, the lawyer of the attacker declined the intention of attack saying that his client had no intention of causing harm to the child and the attacker didn’t have any comment for the accident.

The problem is that this bastard will be a free man in a couple of years. He didn’t kill anybody so they will release him in a year or two. And he will walk freely knowing what he has done and he will laugh in everyone’s face at how easily he got off. I hope he will rot in the prison. I know that guards and cops don’t love child molesters. If they rape him, I will pay each one of them for every scream that comes out of his mouth.
Caruthers’ lawyer Robert Dunn said that his client was charged with second-degree assault and third-degree endangering the life of a child without the possibility of bail, which was noticed by the public in Morris County.

I’m angry as hell. What is going on with this world? We act like savages with smartphones. The only difference between them and us is that they didn’t have “THE LAW” so if you touch me, I will kill you. End of discussion! But now, we must watch this charade of the trail of attorneys talking on press conferences. Carnival in its pure form! Everybody will talk about this and then they will forget it. But he did what he did and if he is released, he will do it again.

The little boy’s folks were emotionally distressed and the boy was permanently injured. The accident caused him mental problems and he suffered great pain and he is required to undergo incessant medical care and attention in the future. The little boy is now unable to engage in his usual activities so he will be unable to be a part of the society in the close future. The boy has been traumatized because of an assault; I won’t even call it an accident. Concerned and angry parents filed a lawsuit against the attacker.

What actually happened?

As witnesses say, the boy and Samuel were skiing when Samuel hit the boy with a pole, causing him great damage and trauma. Soon after, the police arrived and found the boy in great pain and anguish. They are actively pursuing the investigation.

The attacker was arrested on February 14 and he had been accused of punching a little boy with a ski pole. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail and he had to engage in anger management program and mental health procedures. His defense stated that he didn’t do that with a clear mind so that is why he’s been put in these procedures. Sussex County grand jury indicted charges on third-degree for endangering the life of a child, for aggravation assault and for the possession of a weapon. His defense pleaded him not guilty.

Of course, rehabilitation programs are here to investigate an attacker’s mental health in order to agree if he did it with his full conscience or not.

Doctors have their oath to protect and serve just like any other social workers and what this guy did was unpardonable.

We are trying to get ourselves in his skin in order to understand the intentions behind the assault but the law doesn’t have its moral excuses. Someone is guilty or isn’t! But we must assume his innocence until he is proven guilty because that is the way the law works.

Bullshit if you ask me!

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