Samuel J. DeAngelo, DDS, MS, PA

He damaged a nerve in my mouth!

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Published: 14 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I guess everyone is concerned about their smile as it is the best gift rewarded by God. I get a little concerned whenever it’s about my dental health and I wanted to consult one of the best doctors in town. I recently had a very terrible experience with one such dental clinic and thought to share my experience with you. I’m talking about Samuel J. DeAngelo, DDS, MS, PA. Sam himself and the entire place is nothing more than a big mess. The dentist here is rude and a terrible human being. He doesn’t know how to talk to patients, how to treat the patients and how to behave with them.
One of the thing which disappointed me was Samuel J. DeAngelo, DDS, MS, PA don’t do insurance at all which means people who belong from less privileged areas can’t afford to get the treatment over there because the hassle of paperwork is just too much work for them, this means that they are only serving a particular group of people and not the entire segment. I went to Samuel J. DeAngelo, DDS, MS, PA get one of gold wire removed from my teeth and the only reason I chose this clinic was that they have good ratings on the internet and the people were happy with their services. I booked my appointment with them and was told to come in the early morning. Next morning when I reached there I guess I was the first patient there and was told they the doctor had not reached there so had to wait for almost 2 hours. The doctor looked nice but the way he treated me was very bad and he was rough with me. I only went there just to remove my gold wire but the doctor insisted me to get one of his services which I didn’t even require, the doctor was too pushy sometimes and made me uncomfortable. The doctor was unable to remove the gold wire from my teeth so in frustration he grabbed my teeth and jaw so tight that it damaged one of my nerves and caused me tremendous pain for the next several days. I asked the doctor to be gentle with me but that scum was not bothered to listen to me and didn’t showed any response. I get anxiety whenever I step a foot in a dental clinic and it’s the responsibility of the doctor to make his patients comfortable but the doctors at Samuel J. DeAngelo, DDS, MS, PA were unable to do it. It seems like all they want is money regardless of ensuring the health and care of their patients. This was my first and last visit to this clinic and I don’t wish to visit there again anymore. I am not the kind of person who writes these reviews on purpose or has some personal grudges with this clinic but since they don’t care for us so why would I bother to.

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