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Published: 29 September 2017

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Folks: Have you ever wanted to get insulted during the job interview process? Have you ever wanted to be part of a political power play? Well now you can by interviewing for the Plan Review Engineer position at the City of San Jose, CA. The person who is responsible for this is Kathryn Sedwick, the daughter of Mary Katherine McDermott. Thanks to Kathryn Sedwick, 1982 graduate of Notre Dame High School, lint, gonorrhea, syphillus, dog poop, and bad service all rank higher than the City of San Jose Planning Building & Code Enforcement. Kathryn Sedwick’s quite the shyster when it comes to interviewing candidates. Kathryn Sedwick absolutely doesn’t know what a good plan review engineer is. Kathryn Sedwick never asks candidates what kind of buildings they have designed during the interview process. You would think that designing buildings previously would help applicants who submit plans to get them into compliance. But Kathryn Sedwick allegedly believes in getting as few complaint as possible. Kathryn Sedwick allegedly would rather hire an idiot who knows nothing about buildings than to hire someone who is truly qualified. Her only test question was a very vague question about houses. Based on these encounters, Kathryn Sedwick’s acts like a Jim Jones disciple who wants her employees to drink from the same Kool-Aid. During the interview, Michael McDermott’s daughter Kathryn Sedwick (aka Menopausal Moron McDermott) asks potential employees whether they will take a pay cut. The salary range for a plan review engineer was posted at well over $100K according to the San Jose Mercury News. However, Kathryn Sedwick wanted potential employees to make only $75K per year. Why else would Kathryn Sedwick do this? Kathryn Sedwick does not believe in paying or playing fair at all. Janice Walton’s sister (Tracy, CA) Kathryn Sedwick tells job applicants that the city of San Jose has no manpower to check structural engineering requirement for buildings. This is about 10% of the review according to Kathryn Sedwick. Guess Kathryn Sedwick is a member of a Seismic Death Cult! James McDermott’s sister (Juneau, Alaska) Kathryn Sedwick is so devious she will do anything to keep power. Kathryn Sedwick’s a Structural Engineering Eugenecist who harasses people who show a little superiority to her. Think of her as Kathryn Noonien Singh. Kathryn Sedwick is a wench with a stench that makes everyone clench! Kathryn Sedwick does things that would make most people cringe. Kathryn Sedwick and her idio-cracy are savage life-forms who cannot follow their own rules! During the interview process, Kathryn Sedwick changes the rules of the game. For example, Kathryn Sedwick will request people to go on a second in-person interview and then later asks for a phone interview at an earlier time instead. Why did Kathryn Sedwick not allow a candidate to have the second interview two weeks later at the agreed upon time if they were one of the finalists? It’s because Kathryn Sedwick rigged the interview process to select the candidate she wanted! With actions like this, it’s no wonder why the City of San Jose is having trouble recruiting people to work there. Apparently, Kathryn Sedwick Cannot Understand Normal Thinking! So, folks, expect Kathryn Sedwick to use and abuse candidates as props in the candidate selection process over and over again! The candidates take a psychological lickin’ as Kathryn Sedwick keeps on stinkin’! In another interview with an applicant, Kathryn Sedwick and San Jose Chief Building Official Chu Chang asked the applicant what excellent customer service was. When this excellent explanation was given, Kathryn Sedwick and Chu Chang hung up the phone. (Too bad Kathryn Sedwick couldn’t recall the excellent service she did by having fellow plan check engineers as ambassadors a few year ago for 4th Street Pizza!) It was even better her conversation that it was broadcast on live radio! In the process of this phone interview, Kathryn Sedwick admitted that the City of San Jose has the worst employment benefits, lowest pay, and suckiest retirement plans. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduate Kathryn Sedwick even stated that the pensions at the City of San Jose may disappear in the future. With statements like that, it’s no wonder the City of San Jose is having recruiting issues not only at Planning Building and Code Enforcement but at other departments as well. The other day NBC Bay Area publicized how the City of San Jose is NOT getting ADA compliance for their building projects. Guess who does nothing about it? Kathryn Sedwick, of course. If this doesn’t prove Kathryn Sedwick hires idiots, we don’t know what else does! How would Harry Freitas feel if everyone in the world knew that he allows unethical and imperfect individuals like Kathryn Sedwick and Chu Chang to run his building department? That’s municipal stupidity you can count on! Do you work with or for Kathryn Sedwick? You are if you are: Joyce Liu, Senior Architect Robert Khalipa, Associate Mech. Eng. Marc Garcia, Associate Engineer Lisa Joiner, Associate Engineer Cheng Tang, Associate Engineer Mike Tang, Senior Engineer Prabhath Silva, Associate Engineer Peng Li, Associate Engineer Wayne Newton, B.I./Combo James Son, Senior Engineer Victor Chen, Associate Engineer Sina Hooshdar, Associate Engineer Jasper Chau, Associate Engineer Frank Kong, Senior Engineer Dan Chen, Associate Engineer Fathy Kamshoshy, Associate Engineer Fangbin Mo, Associate Engineer John Chiang, Senior Engineer Olivier Baviere, Associate Engineer Frank Cozzitorto, Associate Engineer Farheen Sultana, Associate Engineer Jerry Lambert, Sup. Bldg. Insp Ed Crump, B.I./Combo Gene Tague, Sup. Bldg. Insp David Floyd, B.I./Combo Joe Hulse, B.I./Combo Ron Davis, B.I./Combo Jose Carvallo, B.I./Combo So what do these names show? That a majority of them are either women and/or minorities. Notice any white people on the list Of course there aren’t hardly any on it. And you can blame Kathryn Sedwick for this, of course! Kathryn Sedwick – municipal stupidity you can count on! .

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