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These people are thieves!! They are liars and cheats

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Published: 03 May 2019

Posted by: Wanda

My business got in a lot of trouble because of the pathetic malpractice of Sandoval Tax Services. Their accountants are fools. They missed my deadline for annual tax filing. And it wasn’t for an individual. It was for my business. I run a small diner in Bakersfield and handling the accounts of my business had become a headache. So I thought of getting these people to do my taxes and handling my accounts. It was a mistake for me to hire these people. THEY ARE FOOLS!! They don’t have any knowledge of accounting. And if they do, then they are too dumb to use it. Because of them, I’m now facing trouble with the IRS. And everyone knows how that turns out. I’m screwed. And it’s all because of THESE MORONS. I want to file a case against these pieces of crap. If they can’t even file tax returns punctually then I wonder if they were handling my accounts properly too. It’s the duty of an accountant to manage and look after the interests of the client. Guess they don’t know the ABC of that. I can’t say they are ill-minded because they certainly don’t have any minds in their heads. All they have is a crapload of filth filled up in their tiny skulls which bursts open whenever they open their mouths. They are good at lying and deceiving though. They make you feel as if you’re talking to some real professionals. They sound like serious people who have years of experience in the field of accounting. Their website, their online reviews and their customer support they all indicate you’re talking to some real pros. But their work speaks otherwise. Those fools have no idea whatsoever of what the F*** the IRS is. Because if they did, they certainly wouldn’t have missed my filing. They charged me for their services and according to them, everything was running smooth. I was a fool to believe them. I don’t know why I believed them. I should have hired some cheap accountant to handle my books. At least I could have grabbed him by his neck if he had messed up like this. With these people, I can’t even do anything. What kind of accountant misses tax filing?? That’s like the stupidest mistake an accountant can make. They are falsely advertising their services. They are not professionals. They are a bunch of mental patients who think it’s okay to lie to people. They kept lying to me when I asked them if they had filed my returns. Whenever I enquired about my books, they were like ‘everything is fine sir’, ‘don’t worry sir’, ‘we’re handling everything sir’, ‘just remember to pay our invoices on time sir’. Just a bucket load of CRAP! My whole business is now facing a big threat. The people at the IRS don’t seem to believe me too. I don’t know what I’ll do. But I certainly wouldn’t hire these thieves that’s’ for sure.

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