Sandra E. Martin, DMD

She should first teach her staff some manners! Ridiculous!

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Published: 29 May 2019

Posted by: Thomas

I had visited Dr. Sandra’s clinic to get some dental fillings done. I had heard about her from a friend. I did some online research and found her website. She seemed to be a trustworthy and reliable professional. I didn’t know that she was just a cheat and a terrible dentist. She botched my treatment and ruined my already-damaged teeth. Due to her carelessness and malpractice, I had to face a lot of pain in my teeth. She doesn’t know how to do simple dental procedures properly and it’s clear to me that she might have a fake degree or diploma too. I’ve heard a lot about negligent dentists and now I’m certain that Dr. Sandra Martin falls in that category too.

She had installed inlays and onlays in my teeth. I had cavities in 2 teeth and she did the procedures on both of them. Everything was great until then. I was also happy with the service there. Who knew that behind all those smiles is a moronic brain which can’t concentrate properly on anything? She is a careless and irresponsible professional. Even after I had gotten those inlays and onlays installed in my teeth, eating anything was a really painful experience for me. I told Dr. Martin about the pain in those teeth. She just told me that it was a normal response to my body and I shouldn’t worry. I tried to stop worrying but the pain didn’t let me. In fact, I wasn’t able to eat anything properly for days. I didn’t know how to handle this issue. I just kept swallowing painkillers like they were gummy bears. In the end, I gave up and visited another dental clinic. There, I found out that my fillings weren’t sealed properly so they had openings. This led my cavities to grow and they were the reason why I always felt so much pain in those teeth. I was really infuriated at Dr. Martin for her stupidity. This treatment had cost me over $2800 and after finding out that it was a failed and botched treatment, I wanted an explanation. So, I called her clinic and arranged an appointment. I went to that place and demanded a refund of $2800 for the terrible treatment. They denied giving me any refunds. According to them, Dr. Martin had done a complete and successful procedure and it was my careless behavior which led to those openings. THEY WERE PUTTING THE BLAME ON ME!!! All the time, they kept lying and started shouting on me for wasting their time. According to them, I was a scammer. I haven’t visited that place ever since. First, they did a pathetic job with your treatment and then they blame you for their mistake. They all are crooks and criminals. This place isn’t a great choice for anyone. You should avoid visiting this clinic at all costs. Dr. Martin should be more careful when treating her patients. All in all, it’s a terrible place and definitely not worth a visit.

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