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Published: 25 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

So let me start with why i felt the need to write a report on SANDRA CORTEZ (PETERSON). she mass produces litters of yorkies, pomeranians, and now persian cats. she will allow many of her dogs to breed with each other because she will post pictures of her mixes that “”accidently”” happend. well this accident happens quite often! Not only will she post disturbing pictures of DEAD puppies on her social media pages but she will also discribe her day of how many litters were born in a day and how many DEAD puppies were born. SHe has posted pictures of puppies that were born WAY TO EARLY or looked like rats, no hair and just skin and bones! its very rare that she has a litter with all her pups surviving. she claims she dosent know why all her females produce sick or dead puppies because she gives them vitamins, but im sure i know why. She dosent skip any heats like a reputable breeder would after a litter or two and she will allow her males to breed with which ever females they please.when you talk to her its like talking to two different people at once. if you say one wrong thing she will blow up in your face. Many if not all of her dogs are kepts in small dirty crates or playpens and alot of times her dogs are sick with kennel cough. she even keeps dogs in her garage because you can hear them barking very loudly. im about 99% sure she has at least 20-30 dogs in her home with three young children. if you know her personaly im sure she will sound like an ok person at first but once you get to know who she really is, thats when you know her real side. just by looking at her social media pages you can tell she is treating her dogs horrible because of how many puppies are dead or sick or born young. she will also lie about a dog being akc, claims a puppy is full akc yorkie when you can obviously tell it has a pom look to it. she says it her self, they are her collection. she collects dogs from anywhere she can and brings in dog after dog into her home. if you are thinking of getting a puppy from her please DO NOT! and do not use her studs either they have kennel cough and will transmit to your female., Sandra is not A person to trust or do business with. .

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