Sandro Carbone

Sandro Carbone Scammer

Sandro Carbone has defrauded the Canadian Government for millions of dollars with his associates. He and they were charged and fined 2.7 million dollars. Stay away from this corrupt scammer.

$2.7M in fines, jail term for MUHC 'emergency work' contractors


Two men and the four companies they operate have been hit with $2.7 million in fines for tax fraud following a probe by Quebec’s anti-corruption unit into maintenance contracts for “emergency work” at the McGill University Health Centre.

One of the two men, Rocco Carbone of Montreal, was also sentenced to 18 months in jail.

He was convicted Nov. 30 of having filed false claims to obtain tax refunds he was not entitled to.

He also was hit with the lion’s share of the fines — $1.3 million.

He and fellow accused Sandro Carbone were charged after a series of raids by UPAC in 2015 in connection with a suspected scheme by a small group of contractors to steer maintenance contracts their way.

In many cases, the contracts were for “emergency work” that allowed the tender process to be avoided.

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