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Biggest blunder ever! Regret going here the most!

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Published: 03 July 2019

Posted by: Maximo

I was told by an acquaintance that this was the place to go to if needed medication for any specific problem, not knowing that the acquaintance was some kind of a marketing representative for the group. Nevertheless, I went there with my mother to ask for some medication regarding the constant itch I had on my skin. I was told that they would provide the same medication at a much lower cost, and honestly, who does not want to save some money. However, as I learnt the hard way, it is always a good idea to consult a proper doctor for medication before taking any dosage. I went to their premises situated on 4 Regency Dr and I was told to take a tablet twice a day for 12 days but three days into the medication, I started suffering from headache and nausea and what is worse, the itching grew worse as well. I went back to the clinic, or pharmacy, as it should be property called, but there was no sign of the person who had prescribed me the medicine and the dose after examining my rash. Instead, someone else went through the earlier prescription and insisted that I continue with the medication, and only added another pill for nausea to the list. I was aghast but my mother persuaded me not to take the medicine and visit a proper dermatologist instead. I eventually ended up paying a lot more money than I originally would have had to if I came straight to the doctor but at least, this time around I was healed. I have a good mind to take it up with the authorities but I realize that I should have been extra careful as well and gone through the credentials of the person who prescribed me the meds.

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