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Published: 28 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In June the exact date is: June 24,2014. I was mislead .I was mislead by all the great reviews on : Yelp. Pertaining to how great ,wonderful and fantastic Jerry is. Of : Santa Ana Smog.123 .McClay St., Unit A & B. Santa Ana Smog Ca 92701. Phone: ( 714)542-5298. According to : Tony his Hispanic mechanic , I needed a : ( Transmission and a Engine ).The total price was: $4,950.00. After the car was finished lots of problems with transmission. Rather then : Jerry fixing the problem, he used the : ( Lawyer shifting technique ,Black’s Law Dictionary ). To make believe it was my imagination. So he blamed the reason the car shakes at :75 miles an hour is bad brakes. Then he blamed it on: The wheels ,they are old and warped. Rather then address the real fact. He put me a very bad transmission. For a transmission to not shift on the freeway is a very serious issue.It could stall in a gear. Then give out on the freeway. Cause an accident and kill a few people. I went to Jerry about this problem numorous times. Not realizing his hidden agenda was perhaps to wait and wait until the waranty ended. Also called: Silence of an entity based on time of discovery. California Government Codes:911.23 and 911.64. What kind of liar,deceiver is this? With knowledge of his not attention to detail if not all prerequsites are conducted upon instillation of a paid for rebuilt transmission.The fact its not shifting on the freeway.With out concious of the possible end result of a major accident. After the warranty and many other problems : Strangely on one visit ,Jerry invited me to use his office computer. The excuse and reason was because he could not find the exact date and millege of when he rebuilt the transmission. He is required to keep documents of all the work he does. In accordance with the : Bureu of Automotive Repair. Yet he did not,or did he? With the real motive and intent of : Allowing me to look up the receipts that I scanned and sent to my email. He over heard me sharing to another customer its a great idea to scan all receipts and put on a usb chip and sent to you’re email. Little did I know ,his office computer was:( Jerry Rigged ) .Yes it was’nt until recently did I find out when he turned it on: His computer popped up: He had my : ( email address ) with my ( password ). To confirm this we do have the : Trinity of Truth ) (1) (2) California Evidence Code:801.70 This is the lie truth serum test. (3) California Evidence Code: Section: 795. This is 🙁 Hypnosis) . With these prerequsites: A blood and urine test.Also volunteer to be filmed on: You Tube. So on the day it was discovered he had my : Email and password on his computer. He appeared to go through the motions and act like he knows nothing about computers.No one pays monthly they know nothing about. Its unknown if he pays : Yelp hush money to supress any negative reviews. However: His main function is 🙁 Smog repair). The transmission was supposedly removed from my 1998 Kia Sephia L.S. Then according to Jerry of Santa Ana Smog. A shop called: Rivera’s Transmission ,1000 S .Hathaway St, Santa Ana Ca 92705 . This is what Jerry said. This shop rebuilt my transmission or provided Jerry with a rebuilt transmission.These are the parts and problems with the transmission. After paying Jerry of Santa Ana Smog in Santa Ana. (1) Shift Interlock Solenoid . The date: May 15,2014. Price: $213.40. This is after paying Jerry of Santa Ana Smog: $4,950.00 for a rebuilt engine and transmission.( 2) Crank shaft position sensor: $40.00 Date: June 6,2014. ( 3) Shift solonoids : 4th over drive. Date:Oct.10,2014. The price: $206.40. Note: My notes show photocopies of ( The two solenoids he claims was asking this expert and that expert like a guessing game. This is after paying the :The thief,liar,con artist ,scam artist. $4,950.00 For a supposed engine rebuilt and transmission.Now the engine check light comes on still occassionaly .Plus: The shift over drive light blinks off and on.I am a veteran .This means nothing to Jerry. Its obvious he will keep certain customers in the dark.He does not care if a transmission breaks down on the freeway.That he possibly did not even rebuilt. There are scanless :Thieves , liars that don’t care about : A customer or other drivers on the freeway. If a transmission or engine they put gos out on the freeway and kills a few people. All Jerry cares about is his: Bank account. Now: Jerry of Santa Ana Smog Reapir ,INC. Address: 123 McClay St. Suite. (A) and (B). Phone number: (714) 542-5298. Now Jerry wants more money. Yes Jerry of Santa Ana Smog wants more money after paying him for his defective transmission. He wants a total of:( $900.00) . He wants :$450.00 to take down the transmission just to inspect it.To inquire if the real problem all this time is:If the drums of the 4th gear are cracked. As a result of the solenoids being defective. Is this a lie and scam or what????? ($900.00 ). Or is this 🙁 Extortion). Isn’t this a violation of the ;California Penal Code? Will he and his mechanics volunteer for the entire 🙁 Trinity Of Truth Test ) . When asked if they have ever sabotaged any car? For the motive and intent to get more work? Do they get encouraged at any time to lie or mislead customers? Do they cut corners ? Do they recall bad work given to any customer yet told not to say anything by : Jerry????? Silence of an enity based on time of discovery: 911.23 and 911.64. The next write ups will be: Bureu Automotive Repair. Consumer Affairs. Plus: Better Busniss Bureu. Dirt has been around along time. His favorite qoute is: ” I don’t remember “. Or he enjoys using a leading question.Example: “You do remember don’t you”.Or the other leading question ,to get the answer he wants to hear to support his lies and misinformation: Is :”You remember now don’t you”. Or “We had this talk or discussion remember now”. Yet he was very upset when I showed him the receipt of the battery he put in the car. He claimed he never used that brand. He laughed when I had to have the car towed by : Best Towing to his shop.To replace the battery he put. This cost me:$160.0 or $ 150.00 from: Huntington Beach to Santa Ana. He charged me for anbother battery. He laughed and gioggled: He stated,”You could have had this battery just jumped”. I stated,”I want a reliable battery. He is a liar, a thief, scam artist,a con artist. Should be shut down. Or investigated. .

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