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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I would just first and foremost begin by saying my partner and I had a wonderful experience on the island regardless of the rude behavior we received on behalf of a concerning question. Prior to the incident, we had just finished our zip line Eco tour which we had paid $109 online listed as a “special deal.” We ended up making friends with our group we were zip lining with and was informed about varying prices they paid. One woman enlightened she also purchased the ticket online for $109 but was told by her friend and an employee on the ferry that by obtaining the passport booklet a 20% off coupon for zip lining could be used. The woman’s friend and employee told her to go to the help desk and ask if anything can be done to help her receive the best value for her activity. Subsequently, she was refunded her original ticket price, I believe the employees name was Maddy,* applied the 20% off coupon and got the difference back. Now, the woman who informed us suggested we try the same thing seeing how customers are allowed to shop for the best retail price. She ventured with us to the same exact help desk kiosk on Sumer Ave. There was a different employee who was there named April. We signed up for the passport booklets then the woman began by inquiring about helping us with the refund or application of the 20% off coupon to April. Right off the bat April gave us an attitude, was extremely rude and refused any type of help of any kind. There was no apologies granted such as “I’m sorry but that is against our policy.” There was no concern for our satisfaction or empathy shown. She kept saying Maddy was not supposed to do that like it was our concern one of her coworkers made a mistake. I work in retail and that is not how you treat your valued customers. It is not the customers issue if the problem arises on the side of the company. She phones her manager to come speak to us and while on the phone she’s yelling “I’m not doing it for them” right in front of our faces disrespecting us in her belittling tone. throwing out words like “some lady” and snickering with her unprofessional manager alike. The woman that was helping us told us that Maddy did it multiple times for her and her friends. That was why we tried just to see what can be done. The manager comes out amd in a span of one minute just simply continues to tell us “it is against our policy” no apologies, no concern. He had a smug look on his face and offered no other type of help or solution to solve this issue and leave his visitors happy and satisfied whatsoever. I get what’s against company policy, again I work in retail also and my company actually values their customers and teaches to satisfy all customer concerns but leave the customer educated so the issue wont be repeated. I have never been that disrespected or humiliated by the most unprofessional and rude sets of employees. I have noticed that majority of the young staff actually have little or no knowledge about anything on the island. We asked two employees where the nearest tourist kiosk were located and they looked baffled and were no help at all. Nobody seemed to know where anything was or what we were talking about when mentioning certain things such as “Buffalo Nickel Restaurant.” In sum, the staff needs to be retrained on customer service. The girl is working in hospitality and feels is ok to possess and broadcast that awful attitude? Catalina get it together you’re supposed to be a tourist vacation resort island. Happy times, good attitudes should be number one priority. .

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