International Witness Tampering, Class A's and Children, Defaming Witnesses as Homosexual Peodophiles, Criminalization of Santo Daime

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Published: 18 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymously

Adrian Freedman and his people in the Santo Daime Church UK, Netherlands, Portugal and France was heavily involved in threatening witnesses to the Courts with violence, murder and broken legs as well as trying to shut down bank accounts and monitor people’s movements without legal authorization. They were also involved in intimidating witnesses to various Court Proceedings with violence, murder, hospital visits and other nasties.

It comes under international witness tampering against those testifying in matters of international trafficking in Class A drugs, of which a man named Adrian Freedman is the mastermind.  Adrian Freedman was involved in telling sick lies about witnesses to the Courts.

Adrian Freedman is heavily involved in drug dealing and threatening Court witnesses to be quiet, or expect violence.

He also has a police record for trafficking in Class A’s, and is involved in importing Class A’s in defiance of the Courts. In 2017 Adrian Freedman was warned to stop breaking the law but he stuck the finger up and his Church claimed people would be defamed as sick rapists, pedophiles, arsonists and criminals. Adrian Freedman was reported for numerous data violations and was condemned by Data Protection who commenced enforcement proceedings after he refused to comply with his legal obligations. In 2018 and 2019 the authorities decided enough was enough, the authorities and the Courts throughout Europe denied Adrian Freedman and his Churches the freedom for Santo Daime. Those bans came from the Danish Supreme Court, the Dutch Court of Appeal, the UK High Court, several Courts in Belgium, a Court in Ireland as well as several Public Ministries.

When Courts see Santo Daime Churches threatening witnesses with violence and murder it spells the end for freedom for Santo Daime.

The Santo Daime Church was involved in intimidating witnesses to various Court Proceedings with violence, murder, hospital visits and other nasties. Adrian Freedman also has a police record for substance trafficking, repeat offending and sticking his fingers up at the law, and associating with people that can be nasty to those assisting police in their inquiries into drug dealing.

The response of the Santo Daime Church was to label witnesses to the Courts as mentally sick, proof was found of their involvement and when an apology was demanded, the response was to expect to be smeared online, or have legs broken, or be murdered before the police can help.

The Santo Daime Church claimed that witnesses to Court cases would be condemned many times as crooks and criminals, karma taught them a lesson when the Santo Daime Church were stripped of their legal protection and reduced to the level of drug dealing crooks and criminals.

It is his defiance that is the problem, other people follow him and become defiant also. The end result is a defiant army of substance traffickers on a mission to be at war with authority and the state. They lose because they have not learned the lessons of maturity and wisdom, to leave childhood rebellion behind where it belongs, in childhood.

A witness to police investigations into the Santo Daime was told to expect serious violence and the threats were ordered by Adrian Freedman to make witnesses shut up in police investigations into Class A’s and children being given ayahuasca, even babies as young as 6 months.

Adrian Freedman had to close down his illegal Santo Daime operation after an attempt to close down a bank account of a witness and to falsely malign him as a homosexual peodophile was unsuccessful. In every case, as Freedman was warned (stop or lose the freedom for the Holy Sacrament), the authorities banned the Santo Daime, his friends involved in threatening people with murder and violence were raided by law enforcement.

The Santo Daime Church was involved in intimidating witnesses to various Court Proceedings with violence, murder, hospital visits and other nasties. The UK authorities denied his people the right of appeal and struck out their claims of religious freedom, permanently banning their work. His work was criminalized and he watched some of his friends go down for drug trafficking.

It was told that a witness to police investigations should have a change of trousers ready, or expect violence, or murder, or being smeared as a sick, mentally deranged peodophile, was full of excrement, should grow up, or was a (censor) and a (censor).

It was done with the support of a man named Adrian Freedman of the Santo Daime Church. When he was warned that the Santo Daime would be banned and presented with steps to avert the downfall of the Santo Daime Church, he arranged for his people to post death threats, threats of violence as well as trying to close down a bank account of a Court witness.

One of his Church also threatened to denounce and smear him as a mentally sick peodophile and his friends also made threats of murder and violence against those giving testimony to Courts. Witnesses were told to leave people out of Court testimony or expect violence and murder.

Adrian Freedman tried to lie his way out of trouble but witnesses testified against Freedman debunking him as a liar.

Adrian Freedman and Gabriela Dworecki Domingues were unable to muster up enough support to denounce a Court witness to substance dealing as a mentally sick and deranged peodophile and they stopped laughing when Santo Daime Church in its legal standing throughout Europe was totalled beyond repair and Adrian Freedman was told his cause was beyond help after he was involved in threatening to murder witnesses in criminal judicial proceedings and then inciting malicious hatred.

Adrian Freedman was condemned as a drug trafficking criminal and made an example out of after joking that witnesses could be murdered, defamed as pedophiles or subjected to vile malice.

Adrian Freedman was behind a 30 month campaign of premeditated hatred and malice against witnesses in judicial proceedings and had to stop or face indictment in the Crown Court, followed by prison. Freedman was ordered to pay (£155, 000) in legal claims in relation to criminal harassment from the organization known as The Santo Daime Church and was put on a no-admit list to the European Union once border authorities decided to get involved after a spate of high profile arrests and deaths associated with ayahuasca.

Adrian Freedman as told to expect ruination for Santo Daime in the European Court of Human Rights and that never in this life would he see freedom for Santo Daime.





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