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Published: 22 May 2019

Posted by: Ryan Reisman

Get your teeth checked with “Certified” dentists. Not these idiots.

 It’s always a nightmare going at the dentist’s for having, what they say “big, juicy, white smiles.” I have always been against the dental treatment; well not all of it, monthly appointments should be always on schedule for a “regular, nominal and no-saw things checkup.” The dentist seems fine at that point where he does a little checkup over your teeth and does some teensy bits of work with your cavities. Braces, teeth shortening are never the things that I would sign up for and I shall believe that most of the people reading this would be having much of the same opinion as mine. 

 Let’s move ahead from what I think of a dentist as a profession and get to discuss the real problems because it has been an occupation. With the people involved, it has every obligation to be perfect in terms of customer service. Seeing what most people comment about the dentist and the work they’ve done is negative and bursting anger; we see that these half doctors tend to touch one of the most delicate parts of the body and then get to do anything they want to with it. It is unde niable that it doesn’t take time for any dentist to recommend a client with ‘braces’ with a 3 or 6-month long package where he’d be having weekly appointments and the customer gets to deal with the face of the dentist every week along with all the pain coping up with the braces. This, to me just seems a contract signed where a person has to loan himself out piece by piece, to just straighten your teeth.

 Straightening your teeth, getting them shortened is just a psychological matter if we discuss what they are instead of just people pointing out, making you over conscious over your ‘personal hygiene.’ This is something that every person needs to be lectured on individually and which gladly we’ll do talk about after discussing what ‘packages’ these dentists have packed up for. They might seem sober, professional and down-to-earth simple people but they are equally part of the drill of the world; which has figured nothing except gathering more and more revenue out of things which even never belonged to them. We’d be seeing out Santucci Orthodontics which is accused of deceit and fraud under cases involving money. There have been certain complaints by the service users exclaiming how they messed up the customer’s teeth if they don’t figure out something easy out of the problems.  


Introducing the very ‘Mannered’ Santucci Orthodontics

These orthodontics; dentist in ease are the bad guys in a circus. (A very lame example, I reckon, but fits the best for lame people like dentists.) These dentists well might not be lame as we might consider them to be; which we’ll be discovering in the further of the document. But first, let us get to know the dentist better so that we can set opinion for them. Dentists are, to be very honest, a lot more mannered than a real person could be. To just treat a 32 teeth jaw, they had to make up such a fancy place for which the person is being charged for. If we have a glance at Santucci Orthodontics in Arizona; with a choice of setting the office in the borders of Scottsdale and Phoenix, it all seems to be completely fancy and a state-of-the-art service center. Santucci has everything renovated, organized and fitted with the best of the quality of material to make it look better to every person entering the branch with the hope of getting their teeth fixed. A silent market stunt, I must say. Proactive, clever and exuberant enough for a dentist but sights can be deceiving; which most likely seems to be in case of dentists. I might consider that such dexterity won’t be expected by any normal person from a dentist. But appearances are deceptive, and there’s no denying here too. Santucci made it easy for us to believe with their very ‘unprofessional acts’. These 30 years in service Dr. Santucci has made some clear moves which have just considered making his pockets filled for ‘having a glance at the teeth.’ It might not be difficult to propagate the article by discussing how Dr. Santucci has been making the fools out of people.


A site not ‘that far away’ from the county and an unprofessional dentistry

  Santucci Orthodontics has selected such a complicated place for their clients to come that it seems to be a proper stint to move for an appointment at the dentists. Selecting neither the town or downtown but having a clear countryside area at the borderlines is somewhat as what we might see as a beautiful and recreational point (which looked to be as tempting as it seems to be at first), but it doesn’t take time for anyone to realize that this site point has been a disaster for them in terms of approach. It would be better if the readers shall listen to this with their ears and see this with their own eyes.

 With a client discussing how inconvenient their locations and schedules have been for him; he exclaims of how tiring it was to reach for the location at first. He seemed to be a little bit frustrated with the choice of the place by Dr. Santucci yet he gets his anger covered with the appointments he wanted to get over with. He was truly enraged with the unprofessional behavior when he got to know that his appointment got rescheduled without taking him under any consideration or getting him into the knowledge of it. It particularly was just given away to another client. By explaining the situation of how difficult it has been for him to reach the place and to get to this appointment on time; he was to be answered with a certain apology that neither had the tone and it was completely unethical in terms of treating a client with such behavior. It turns out that people working at the Santucci Orthodontics are not so ‘mannered’ as the place has been designed. Elegance and Class were just confined to the products and the non-living there; the living even had no elegance to communicate with a client. This was what the suffered client has to say about the Santucci Dentists.




What Health Insurance?

The unprofessionalism doesn’t stay till claiming wrong over different appointments and then get stubborn over it. As stated, dentists are way more expensive than what they do. To just check a cavity, a person is charged with the money with which he can have seven meals in a week, and a proper meal.  This has been horrible for people at most. Being at the dentist is what the basic problem is. Technically they’ve forgotten that they have a certain job to do with the teeth of people rather than charging them over the examination of the teeth. Santucci came with a new shenanigan of not accepting health insurance. They tend to use the ‘private company’ card a lot regarding insurances; with which they explain how they never own any government given insurance. Instead of covering the expenses with the insurances, Santucci clears the wallets of men with a clear subjection of no insurances, for which they have to eventually pay up for. This is devilish and cunning at the same time. When it comes to getting your cavities and teeth controlled, it results in foot-long bills of thousands of bucks that the client has to eventually pay up for. They just don’t want to accept the insurances under any case. It seemed as if they were very scared about it. The unprofessional behavior doesn’t last for the acceptance of insurances; instead, they particularly never state nor appropriate this to any client under any case which could make them think again of their choice. I have always gone to the dentist under the name of insurance; it particularly was never in the taste to pay for getting yourself checked.


Are these braces?

 Time, money; what else could’ve gone wrong while considering dentists. Their work is something whose quality can get stained a lot over time which unfortunately did for Santucci Orthodontics who made their dental work a mere joke for themselves and the client. Even though their site is covered with all the “to make you smile again” slogans, they’ve not known about how to treat that smile to make it a perfection once again. What they failed to provide were the services they have been standing up for and this is for what they have been charging hundreds of dollars with a clear stubborn behavior. It certainly looked more of a circus rather than a proper set-up to provide more services to the people rather than having the only intention of getting their pockets filled.  

 It too happened at a certain point of time that a person who came intending to have his cavity corrected by the dentist had to lose a quite extensive number of teeth in return of having such intention. It turned out that the dentist felt it “best” to take away the molars rather than making them better in hygiene. What kind of a dentist does that to a patient? It continually tempts me to question the integrity of the degree Dr. Santucci has had in his office, which exclaims that he is a certified dentist. After having discussed some of the many cases, it seems that there is nothing as “certified” and a “mannered” dentist named Dr. Santucci. He has been a fraudulent just as much anyone else could’ve been. 



With even such delicate profession, people never forget to get their pockets filled. Everyone is here to take a giant leap to the eternal point of having no tension of money and its provisions which technically is impossible to achieve. Yet they act so hard and fast over this matter that they eventually forget what moral ethics means to them. Money surely blinds the best of us. Without keeping personal grudges at the moment, if analyzed properly; dentistry is a profession that makes the person the most ethical and the best being in the field. Yet we have seen how badly mankind has turned out to be in entirety and how bluntly they’ve destroyed the standard of manners and ethics with their own hands; to just get hands-on more money in less time. There has always been a reason why the tortoise won the race instead of the hare; which are unfortunately our people have never tried to focus themselves out with. What they have been being stubborn to rehab and help in every case. There was nothing left by them instead of getting them legally pursued which particularly is a disaster to move into.

 Dentistry is a profession that does involve a very delicate part of the human body which needs to be in the best shape as it exhibits personal hygiene. Every version of it needs to be a perfect little piece of beauty. Hence, with no hard feelings, this does need some work on it. The dentists should realize that they are the only ones in the business to be working on that hence it should be up to their realizations that charging such bills and being so incompetent in their work won’t help them get their dreams of having heaps of money to swim into. People also need to be more selective while taking a chance with dentists as teeth do not heal every time. There is a dire need for the person to be vigilant about his/her hygiene; or else he/she should never complain of what the dentist has done to them. They can have all the time of their lives to select the best choice and get the best work done for better hygiene in the future.


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