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Published: 15 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This person claims to be a horse trainer and says she has been around horses all her life. this is a lie! she only started riding horses 6 years ago before that she lived in Ontario and was on drugs, drunk, all the time and in major trouble. she has no accreditation from any school, has no taken no classes on horse training, she is a backyard wanna be trainer and a bad one at that. I know of one horse she took in for training and she said it was broke , sent it home and the horse was crazy she didnt get paid for it and flipped out. found out the horse was only ridden 3 times in the month it was there. SHE LIES ABOUT EVERY HORSE SHE SELLS. she picks up horses for dirt cheap at the auction, that are already broke then sells them for thousands of dollars on kijiji claiming she did all the training on them. she likes to say she rescued it from the meatman, saved its life!!! and then trained it to be this great horse when in fact she does little or no work to them. Also advertises horse that are KID SAFE that are no where near safe for any kid! Off the track race horses!!! really, thats kid safe?? what a joke. shes got ads posted for a horse (named ROO) she claims to be a mustang when its actually a quarter horse cross. horse rears and bucks and she says its ok for kids to ride. she is going to get someone hurt or killed one day with her lies. DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS GIRL. SHE IS A MASTER MANIPULATOR AND LIAR AND ALWAYS PLAYS THE VICTIM. SHE CAN MAKE YOU BELEIVE ANYTHING AND SUCK HER INTO HER WEB. she moves around a lot too because she can never pay her rent and gets kicked out of all the barns she goes to for stealing or fighting with people DO NOT SEND YOUR HORSE TO THIS PERSON FOR TRAINING I HAVE PERSONALLY SEEN HER ABUSE AND BEAT HORSES WHEN THEY DIDNT DO WHAT SHE WANTED. I HAVE VIDEO OF IT FOR PROOF. I HAVE CUT ALL TIES WITH THIS WOMAN AFTER I GOT TO KNOW HOW SHE OPERATED. SHE HAS A VERY NASTY REPUTATION AND THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT WILL VOUCH FOR HER TRAINING ARE HER FRIENDS. check her webpage , she has no actual client reviews the only people that comment are her friends and her mother. AND HER MOTHER IS TEN TIMES WORSE DO YOU RESEARCH THEN STAY AWAY!!!!! .

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