sara foster

Filthy whore Sarah stole my boyfriend

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Published: 03 August 2017

Posted by: Jose S. Hayes

You better keep your man away from this dirty, whore. She is a shameless bitch who will get out of her way to steal your man. She makes sure to take whatever ways possible to snatch other people’s boyfriends from them. Not only this, she doesn’t even spare the married men. She has a particular interest in men who don’t belong to her.
I am saying all these from my personal experience. I was in a very happy relationship with a guy for six years. We were truly committed to each other and I could even see myself tying the knot with him sometime in the future. Everything started changing after Sara came into our lives. Although my boyfriend was equally at fault, she was the one manipulating him.
She used to make up sad stories about herself so my boyfriend would sympathize with her. Then she began blackmailing my boyfriend emotionally by telling him how she couldn’t live without him. She is an immoral woman without any regards for anyone else’s feelings. I lost my boyfriend because of her. She also has horrible friends.
In this picture, she is with a man named Bob McPherson who is from Pompey. Bob is a known womanizer and pedophile. He even goes to MySpace and tries to pick up girls as young as 14-year-olds. Both of them are disgusting and filthy.

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