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Published: 01 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Sarah cooper sold us a 2006 ford fusion from craigslis on october 7 2014,t sale price was 3,100 she told us to to call finance dept. at 1850-463-0878 to pay for the car so we did a man name micheal ross 1-855-492-5538 from google wallet. told us to get money dot to pay for the car . so we did we paid him 3,100 plus insurance of 1,400 to ship the car. sarah said that google wallet received there money and waiting for the conformation.. we have not received he ford fusion. and google wallet has our money. i would like to have our money back now., 4,900.00 from google wallet. now sarah is selling the 2006 ford fusion again and micheal is still using his number to rip people off by using google wallet. please help me. invoice number ***************** google wallet payment invoice sarah cooper email address (email address removed by admin) sarah cooper lives at 1093 n. watkins st memphis tn. 38107 sarah also stated that she is in the service she a theif. and so is micheal ross. as far as im concern your ompany google rip me off. for 4,900. check your invoice order please send my money back to me .

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