Sarah Grace Spann

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Sarah Spann will do all that she can to seduce your husband

Her name is Sarah Grace Spann. Online, she is one of those people who’s trying to build a band of followers on Instagram. You can see her stuff at Her handle is @sarah_grace11. Her posts are mostly about religion or working out. But the truth is, she is out there preying on married men. She has a whole arsenal of things she does to get men’s attention: everything from sexy snaps, suggestive lyrics and nudes to full blown texts and emails. And then she will meet them in isolated places for a quick fuck. When people accuse her of any of this, she acts super offended. Don’t buy it. This woman has been doing this for a while now. So if your husband is one of the men who go to Tallahassee or Tampa to work out at Crossfits, then you better watch out.

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  1. Richard Mahomey March 15, 2019

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