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Published: 28 July 2019

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On March 14, 2014, our company entered into an agreement with Sarah Stutsman, a.k.a. Sarah Di Salvo, Di Salvo Public Relations, for marketing an PR services. The agreement was for one year’s worth of work, and included the following: 1) Monthly newsletters 2) One posting per day on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 3) Online press releases 4) HTML work on website 5) A market survey 6) Expanding and creating new marketing startegies going forward. She came by way of a referral from her boyfriend, Jacob Stuart, and his business, Screenwriting Staffing Utopia. After three payments were made, totalling $1300, thus paying for a year’s worth of services in advance, a request was made for a written contract. Ms. Stutsman, to this point, had completed approximately ten days worth of the agreement, including some website work, a handful of online social media postings and one group email through our MailChimp account. When the request for a written contract was made, outlining the above services, she stalled, saying in an email that she was “”insulted”” by the request. After a falling out with her business associate, Jacob Stuart, over his own questionable business practices in his business (of which I was VP), Ms. Stutsman felt it was appropriate to write a scathing letter filled with vile insults, believing that this was a sound business practice for a vendor to a client. She did, however, include that she was willing to “”continue the arrangement””, even though that “”h*** hath no furry as a woman scored”” (sic)- her exact words. Needless to say, I ended the business relationship, and requested our money back, minus $300 for services rendered to that point (actually, less than $100 worth of work, but it didn’t matter). Even though the last payment was made and received vis Pay Pal less than 24 hours earlier, Ms. Stutsman claimed she was unable to refund the money at all- instead, going to Los Angeles for a week with her boyfriend. After many email exhanges, during which she continually mentioned my wife’s battle with breast cancer as some sort of retirbution, a payment agreement was made, to which: 1) she admitted to the debt 2) Accepted responsibility for the debt 3) Promised, in writing, a payment schedule of $200 a month for five months, beginning April 15, 2014. Needless to say, the15th has come and gone, and Ms. Stustman has refused any further communication on the matter. This person is a despicable, vile human being and additional legal steps are in process as we speak. You may wish to stay far away from Ms. Stustman, her “”PR”” services, and her fiance, Jacob Stuart and his business Screenwriting Staffing Uptopia. The connection between the two businesses is obvious when it was his Pay Pal account (asuscreenplay) through which all financial transactions took place. .

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