Sarah Zimmerman

Sarah Zimmerman is a total bitch and so is her daughter

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Published: 12 August 2017

Posted by: Robert P. Canipe

My boyfriend and I have been together for the past 16 years. We never got married because it was financially better for us not to. He had hooked up with Sarah Zimmerman some 20 years before. They weren’t together or anything, but they had a daughter, who they gave up for adoption. Then one day, out of the blue, this bitch got in touch with my man. Through her equally bitchy daughter!
Just like that he left. I tried to call him and text him, of course. But he didn’t respond to anything. He even blocked me on social media. One time when I called, the daughter picked up, saying her mom and “dad” were rekindling their relationship because they were each other’s first loves. What crap. I knew he’d been married before he even met her. She also threatened to call the cops on me for trying to figure out what the hell was going on.
Now they all live together. The whore and my ex are on disability, and not for good reason. The bitch of a daughter and her fiancé also live with them. Sooner or later though, they’re going to find out what a lazy asshole my ex is, and then we’ll see where he goes. Zimmerman is also leaving her 3 young children to do this with my ex. I don’t even know if this woman is for real.

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