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Published: 15 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Maritime Law requires the firm selling any vessel provide full disclosure of all known defects current or pass related to the sale of a vessel. Let me start this story from its beginning, all truthfully stated, without imbelishments. I viewed a Scout boat, Model 240 Bay Scout on a boaters site. It looked good and discription was boat was in good order. I called Savage Brokers in Treasure Island , Florida and spoke to their agent , namely Traver Smith. Nice fellow, at that time at least. Told me the boat was really nice, sent pictures, and kept calling me for interest. I gave him what price I would like to pay, and he countered, then price was agreed upon. I asked him for a hull number. I took that number , paid $43.00 to and got a perfect report, no problems reported by any agency, nor did their data base contain any known mishaps or alike. I even went to another degree and checked the hull number of my cousin’s boat , knowing it had been severely damaged, and that history did appear. Now remember they are called, not So all checked out perfect. Now I proceeded to make the deal. I wired from Maryland bank $2,000 downpayment. I drove to Florida , with another preson who has great knowledge of boats and especially motors. It took a couple days to get everything together by Savage Yachts, although my trip was well planned , they sort of made sure things got screwed up, along with the boat owner they were representing. So a trip of one day turned into three days. I arranged to meet them at a motor compression testing facility named Central Marine (who by the way were the nicest , most organized, well priced, people I have ever meet). They checked the compression and all reported very good. They did however mention their belief the motor was exposed to a large amount of saltwater, not consistant with normal use. I asked the owner of Savage, he called the boat owner , who stated the boat was bought without the cowling and therefor was exposed to additional salt. Central sort of did not believe their statement , but felt it was not their position to make judgement. I had asked Savage Yachts several times about the reason why this boat was up for sale. Several times Traver said he did not know. Remember this statement I made here, its important. When the owner of the boat delivered the boat to Central Marine, I ask him right out , how did you get this boat. He stated it was a reposession (repo), and that is how he secured it. We then went to get a load test at a local lake near St.Pete. The motor performed ok, little racket sounding, but I was use to a Honda and this was a Yamaha, so I thought they might be louder sounding. Shifting was sort of hard to do. Upon my trip back to Maryland all four tires on the trailer had to be replaced at my cost. No big deal, but that stay in a Citco Station in Whereever, Ga overnight in the truck was something special. Hope they did not check behind the gas station for unauthorized deposits. LOL Upon my return, I saw the engine compression documents contained the name and address of at least the motors previous owner. I got their number off the web and made the call expecting to hear, boy that was a great boat, and I lost my job so the bank took it over. Oh, no thats not what the guy told me. He said, son this boat was a total loss in hurricane Ike in Galveston Bay in 2008, where as Progressive Insurance Company totaled the boat and motor. After I passed out , hitting my head on on the floor, wondering just how this more than diligent guy got screwed, I really got upset. I did my homework, I paid dearly for a site to give me information. I checked out and paid for the compression check of the motor. What more could I have done. Well honestly , never again buy a boat from Florida. Never , Never, absolutely never again. Now I am told by Savage, hey there is nothing I can do, I was just selling the boat. Although during the exchange of emails Traver admitted he saw the boat prior to its repair and only saw the T-top bent down. Now remember he said nothing about this when I asked him about the boat history. Now that guy Manny Galvao, president of Imported Enterprises, won’t answer a phone call or email. He vanished. Gone, puff, adios amigo. So I now sit in Baltimore , with a storm damaged boat and motor, oh, also no trailer title, so I cannot title the trailer and all the other players are still out their screwing all their other perspective clients. I say, do not go near any of them. Savage Yachts, Traver Smith, Manny Galvao, Imported Enterprises,Inc, If they ever attempt to shake your hand, wash it and get the blood of others off yours. They are all thieving bastards, breed by the mother of contempt, fostered by the turning of your good , hard earned money into theirs, no regards for laws, considering you at best as their prey, feasting upon your goodwill, when in fact they are the pimple on the feastered hair, located on the anal section of boat sales. If you have a strong desire to get ripped-off, call any and I mean any of those persons/firms. So to the courts I go , and only God knows its outcome. Wanta buy a boat? Not from those I just gave you. Demons in disquise. Now best of all Progressive was the insurance company I insured the boat with, before I even left Baltimore. They not only accepted the unit, but gave no indication they would not cover. Oh, by the way they are the very company that put the boat up for salvage in Texas. Tell you something about them also???? Does me. My estimations are that all parties had good knowledge the boat was a salvage boat, all were in the same bed together , and all hold witness to the forthcomming law case. Lv2bass Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A.

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