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Published: 19 July 2017

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I was reviewing my work history to update my resume & was reminded of my employment with SMS – Savanh Marketing Systems, and came across this report on Ripoff Report that prompted me to write a post. I would assume that these goons have moved on and changed locations and/or entity name by now, but perhaps not. I also completely agree with all other statements regarding this companies deceit and work environment. They hire under the false pretenses of limited and untruthful information and sky high potential career paths. I worked for the company back in 2008 during the peak of the economic fallout when I was living out in Corona, CA. I had recently graduated and was hard up for work, and excited to get my feet on the ground running & working. I responded to an online ad… Career builder or something like that (after finding limited information online about them…red flag), and was invited to come in for an interview. Of course they sell you on all these fantasies, how great the job/work environment is, how much money they are making and you can make, how happy they are that they work for the company… blah, blah, blah. They hype you up and make you feel like you are a cut above the rest and invite you to the next interview, when in reality they will invite anyone to the next interview and to be hired that is willing to do so. I was excited to work, and like any young hungry job hunter I accepted the invitation to the next interview. Little did I know, and little did they tell me that upon arriving to the next interview I would be essentially forced to go on a 10hr work day shadowing a goon that was already brainwashed on the cult like program of the company. During this shadow work interview this undergoon of course hypes everything up. They hype the job up, they hype up how much money they are making, they hype the cult leader boss, Sys, up; they hype you and how great of potential you have up, and so on and so forth. lies, lies, lies. You also get a first glimpse of how many of these “superstars” use lies and deceit themselves out in the field selling to customers. More red flags It should’ve been apparent and obvious that many of the supposed “superstar” employees and even boss were struggling and having no vehicle, messed up/low end vehicles, limited/low end clothing (wearing the same non designer suits etc. on a daily basis). Even Sys, the head goon ring-cult leader, hit the streets and worked many days. But why would a successful business owner be hitting the pavement instead of managing the company? I should’ve got the hint, even my dad tried to warn me, but I was hungry & motivated and was tired of job hunting and ready to start making some money. I should’ve seen the red flags. Like any cult type organization, the leader is a charismatic, narcissitic, sociopath that tries to portay himself as being a caring, humble, honest person that left his college career/ambitions for the far greater glory of the organization. This is the furthest from the truth. Any honest, caring, humble person would be upfront with you from the get go & not use smoke and mirrors to deceive, motivate, and control people. The days were extremely long & rough working rain or shine, in extreme 110 degree weather walking door-to-door up steep hills, etc. Like most cults type organizations, this is part of their strategy – to isolate and drain the people so as to keep them distracted from the reality that is going on around them. Also like many cults, they try to cultivate a hyper-extreme environment of friendship & motivation. They try to get you to come to hang out after work with the great guru himself in his cheaply furnished… probably rental home that he is living in with other brainwashed followers. At the end of the day, like any MLM organization, those who are in first and on the top of the chain are the ones that profit most. like others have commented its best to get a job working at Walmart or Taco Bell while looking for a better career pursuit. I did make money working for the company, but realistically after all the hours I was putting in, I was making far below minimum wage. Selling drugs, at the time, and working on the weekends as a sign spinner kept me afloat and actually made me far more money than working for Savanh Marketing Systems… O, yea, they want you to work weekends, but I never did. I ended up leaving to work for a commercial insulation company and made steadier money installing insulation @ $15.00/hr. I did also learn about sales from a school of hard knocks approach, that’s probably the best I got out of my employment, that and being able to identify & avoid scammers like these people. .

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