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All that stuff about being compassionate, understanding and open-minded is complete and utter nonsense.

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Published: 06 August 2019

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To achieve a good lifestyle, one has to constantly put in efforts. The sense of discipline that routine instills is worth more than it seems. A fitter lifestyle not only improves our life but also the lives of people around us. After deciding to improve my fast-life kind of lifestyle, I decided to give up some habits and decided to start Yoga lessons. After reading reviews of all the yoga centers around and near me, one of the centers that appealed to me the most was Savanna Yoga Barre because of it’s stated track record and achievements. It was only after joining and being there for almost one month< I got to know that it was not what is stated itself to be.
As it was suggested on the website, I decided to go for 3 classes per week, for the best results. On the first day itself, tragedy struck and I got into an argument with a classmate because she did not want me to sit next to her because “I did not seem friendly”. What made it worse was when our instructor took her aside and suggested that it would be better if I sat somewhere else? It did not feel welcoming at all. The class started and an introduction was given about Yoga and how it is important to be flexible and fi. A bit of promotion was also thrown in as it was said that they have a friendly environment there. I could not believe the irony. Anyways, the class got over after we were taught some basic postures.
The second class too did not go too well. As it was raining, I went in a bit late because there was traffic and I was scolded because It was my fault that I did not get out of my house early. I was also lectured about how I should not disturb the class by entering in late because of silly reasons. Later that day, the instructor told me to do the postures properly in a rather rude way.
Weeks went by and it still did not feel like I belonged there. Neither the environment felt good nor the people there were compassionate.
Another day when I forgot to take my Yoga mat, I was told that I would need to buy one as it would send out a message. To be honest, it felt like going to a strict school where teachers were rude and the classmate’s non-friendly. I tried to make it work many times because I did not want to switch but the behavior of the people there forced me to. Instead of improving my mental health, all that place did was further deteriorate it. That place stole my inner peace and made me think that I am not enough.
I would not recommend anyone to go to that place unless they hate themselves and want to deteriorate their peace of mind. I strongly advise reconsidering the decision to anyone who is thinking about joining Savannah Yoga Barre.

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