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Published: 23 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In January 2013 my wife and I attended a presentation by Savemore vacations in Smokey Point WA. We went because we wanted to check it out and they offered a 3 day trip if you sat through the presentation. After the presentation we ended up buying into their vacation plan because they said they would trade our 3 day trip to a 5 night trip with air fare, hotel and car rental for 3 people, we got the trip in writing on our order worksheet, I have a copy. We paid $3995.00 because we thought a 5 night trip for three would cost most of what we paid and if what they said was true about their plan then it was a good deal. At first they seemed sincere. We told Steve we were interested in going to Leavenworth WA in the next two weeks and asked if he knew of any good places to stay. Savemore made they a reservation for us and paid for the night we stayed there. That’s where the good service they talked about stopped. At the presentation they told us they would be opening an office right down the street, they didn’t. They told us they could get us a room at Tulalip Resort Casino for 50.00, they couldn’t. They told us they could get us great deals on rooms all over WA, they can’t. We tried to use Savemore to get us a room at in Skagit WA, they said they couldn’t. We went on and booked on in 10 minutes. They said they would refund 150% of the difference if you found a cheaper hotel room then they could, they didn’t. They told us if we sign they would give us a 5 night stay with air fare, hotel and car rental, they won’t. I have tried calling Linda Fehler 206 499 6528, the person who answered our questions through the presentation. She did not answer, I left a message. She called my me back and left a message saying she did not work for Savemore anymore and did not know how to contact them. I called Steve Thomas the person who offered us the 5 night stay and helped close our sale, 206 604 0812. It took about two weeks for him to call me back. He said he sold Savemore to Robbie Dehan, 425 949 6623, no one ever answers that number, and would have her call me because he wanted to make sure we were taken care of. Robbie called me back and we talked about the trip we were offered and she said she would call me back. It’s been two weeks and I have not heard a thing from anyone. I could book a 5 night trip with hotel, air and car on over 20 web sites in under an hour. In the beginning when I could not get anyone from Savemore on the phone I called their reservation number,888 494 0931, which is run by a completely different company then Savemore called RSI and was told that they are not part of Savemore by Kasha Miller, Amanda Silver and two other reservation agents. RSI is just a reservation company that I get access to by being a member of Savemore, I think that ‘s how it works. I tried to ask to speak with a manager, I was told they were all in a meeting and one would get back to me in 24 hours, they never did. When I called back I asked to be transferred to a manager and they said the manager was not there but they would forward my information on to them. I ask for the managers contact information and they did not have it. I said then how will you pass it on to them? They said ‘oh it’s on an eternal mail system. I asked for the manager’s phone number or email, they did not give it to me and I was being nice about it. I’m a manager at a casino and I’m all about guest service, they are not. When I called again today and spoke with Kim she gave me the name and email for her manager, Kelly Robinson ext 23700, (email address removed by admin) Kelly’s line was busy so I asked Kim to have Kelly call me back by the end of the day or I would be filing a report. Then I called all the numbers I had, and told them that I would be reporting Savemore to whoever I can if I did not hear back from someone by the end of the day, no one has called me back so here were are. I’ve tried looking for an address for Savemore on Google maps, satellite view, and come up with three addresses, they are all online and avaialbe to the public. I’m just trying to find an office or someone to help me with this: The first one is in the middle of a forest,Three+Lakes,+WA&cid=0,0,3698012116938138797&ei=ztYSUtSMFOb6igLCyICQDQ&ved=0CJwBEPwSMAo The second one is at a storage unit; Steve told me it was a PO box for Savemore. I don’t have the PO box number. 23316 NE Redmond-Fall City Road 523, Redmond, WA 98053 The third looks like a residence, maybe it’s a home office, I don’t know, but it’s listed: Savemore Vacations 27517 Ne Quail Creek Dr, Redmond, WA Between 276th Ct NE and NE Ames Lake Rd Phone: (425) 949-6623 Maybe they can help me there if I can’t get anyone on the phone, or does anyone know of an office address for them? I don’t have an address for RSI. John

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