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Published: 30 October 2018

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Please see BBB CASE : 67312282 Hi, I live in Jax and wanted to get a treatment plan. I saw the free 10 minute demo on the website. I took off work to schedule the demo after weeks of calling. They are had to contact. I came in and they were 1 hr behind. Previously discussed that I had to be in and out to pick up my son from school. So when I came in the 10 minute demo was rushed . I only received 5 minutes (I peeped at the timer on the machine) The demo was rushed. I was told the demo is to see if my body responded and I was a good candidate. I believed the demo is for me to decide if I want to go thru with a 3K treatment plan for 1 area with a company I know nothing about. I felt so rushed that I signed up thinking I would never be able to get in touch with them again. I provided my credit card number for payments to come out 4/9/15. My appointment was that sat 4/11/15. Well I looked at my account 4/3/15 and my account was completely cleaned out to zero! I cancelled my debit card and I called and texted the owner Abbie and was told it would be corrected . I advised I wanted to cancel the plan because I made my decision too quickly and go with the 99.00 groupon deal. Since They already had my money, I figured I would just keep my appointment Sat 4/11/15. On 4/8/15 Jen called me said my appointment had to be cancelled due to a tech being sick . I advised that I was already upset and explained everything that I was not taking any more time off work for this. Not my fault. She then stated she would accommodate me and have me come in following Thursday at 6:45PM 4/17/15. i was still upset but agreed. On Monday 4/13/15, I received another call from Jen stating that they have to cancel my appointment 4/17/15 due to them not being in that late!!!! I then asked for a refund of my money. She stated to give her until the following week to work it out and she will call me back. Its not 4/27/15 and I have not heard back from anyone regardless of all the text emails and calls , I have not received an appointment nor a treatment and Say No To Lipo still has my money!!!! I would not deal with this company because they have poor customer service and will take your money and give you nothing in return. To me they are very shady. Scam if you ask me. .

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