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Published: 25 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Like many people, I got hurt during the real estate crisis, I never would’ve imagined that my very own homeowners Association, Creekwood Homeowners Association, would set up a meeting with me on several occasions, so I can work out a payment agreement to reinstate my delinquent homeowners Association fees… and then not show up. Mr. Roy Tobin, was the one that set up my meetings…and then at those meetings said “I’m sorry, we don’t have the time for you”, creating a real big problem for me. The homeowners Association, then sent me to collection. The collection agency at balance due of $8300, which I entered into agreement to repay… and have every penny of it. Now comes SBS lien services. these people enter into an agreement with me and over the phone, promise to not charge me an additional fees and costs and then proceed to charge me an additional $7000 in additional costs…Which I paid in full come October 2014. Now, these people SBS lien services are probably good people, but they just don’t know any better and aren’t following the rules of the game. The rule is don’t hurt people when they’re already kicked to the floor… Which is precisely what SBS lien services and my homeowners Association did. I have every intention of taking legal action against both parties and once my payment is made in full, made every month on time with a formal dispute letter, I’ll take legal action and get in front of a judge and tell him the damages I’ve incurred… These damages include: – having to substantially impact my credit report by protecting myself to file a bankruptcy – paying more than $7000 in exorbitant interest and fees that were never, ever disclosed to me in writing area – – over charging me by thousands of dollars The impact on me has been I have been angry and frustrated and hating where I live. I see Mr. Roy Tobin walking around and all I want to do is run him over with my car, but my car is way too expensive to roll over his punk ass. I blame you Mr. Tobin, I blame you SBS lien services… And I’m fully responsible for not paying my homeowners Association fees on time… And what’s missing in this whole equation is fairness. I am taking on balancing the game right now. .

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