and & stole $5200 from me !!!

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Published: 14 January 2020

Posted by: Vigilante Justice

Don’t trust or

They are nothing but a bunch of scammers who steal from the victims of online scams. They will charge you a hefty processing fee and then vanish. You can keep contacting them, they won’t respond to you. They are no different from those notorious online scams you read about in the papers. 

Yes, they’re both run by the same person, and within a few days, I’m going to expose their real names, addresses, and friends.

Check their Twitter accounts –


scamrecovery twitter


scamshunter twitter


I’ve lost more than $5,000 to the thieves at These people claim to be your friend and benefactor but the truth is, they are the opposite. They lie to you all the time and give you false hope. I had hired these guys in the hope that they’ll recover my $16,000 deposit I had lost to an online scammer. The online scammer was supposed to send me a few products but hadn’t responded for months. So I looked for someone who could help me get my money back. And that’s when I found 

Their website didn’t look much attractive but they made some big promises. So I thought it’d be great if they could help me in getting my money back. I contacted them and they responded quickly. They told me that I can get the entire sum back without any hassle. They just needed some documents and receipts as proof. I sent those details gladly. Then they told me that they charge a fee of 20% for processing these chargebacks. Yes, they charge a 20% fee for processing chargebacks! 

So I paid those guys $3200 initially just so they could start my chargeback process. Their representative, who told me his name is John, kept telling me that I’ll surely get the money I’ve lost and it’ll take them a few months to complete the process. I didn’t mind waiting for a few months. 

After waiting for 4-5 months, I contacted their team to know the status of my chargeback, like how long did I need to wait and did they need something else. They responded by telling me that I need to transfer around $2000 more for as a part of their ‘fee’. This demand got me a little infuriated. I had already paid those guys $3200 and now they were demanding an additional payment of $2000! I asked why they needed an additional payment. They told me that my process is taking a bit longer and that’s why they need to charge extra. I realized that I WILL have to pay them if I want to see those 16,000 in my account. So I paid an additional $2000. 

But you know what, after taking those $2000 (and $3200 before) they stopped responding to my messages. I’ve tried contacting John, their customer rep, but he doesn’t reply either. I’ve waited for 2-3 months and I’ve realized that is just a front for another online scam. You should stay away from these thieves. They make false promises and act like your friend and all the while, they keep making up excuses to steal money from you. I don’t trust online businesses anymore. They wasted my time and money. 

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