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Published: 01 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

When I was scammed by Guadalupe Ponte for her assinine and useless permanent make-up classes, I thought there was nothing I could do about it. But then I warned others about her, and was shocked to learn she had done this many times before to other victims. I re-posted her ads with warnings on Craigslist to alert others of her crimes. Within minutes I received these emails: 1. “She’s a fraud, & thief,& she’s being investigated by the police ! They need witnesses like you.” 2. “Finally someone has reported this woman! I found this on Craigslist. I encountered her wrath when I complained about her expensive classes and lack of professionalism. She was constantly trying to up-sell other services to her wealthier students because that is her primary source of income; stealing money from students because her permanent make-up business is a sham. I spent over $13,500 and couldn’t even use the cheap equipment she included because it didn’t work from the onset. Maybe a sucker is born every minute, but when you want to learn a trade you go into endeavours hoping the instructor is honest and not a criminal. Unfortunately these reviews were not written when I was lied to and had all my money stolen. After asking for a refund and threatening to sue her she released her inner demons for me and others to see. The woman is definitely dealing with tremendous anger issues and is highly vindictive, dangerous and disparaging. This is the transcript of the voice mail I received from Guadalupe Ponte after asking for a refund and telling her other students felt the same way about her. She was livid and her voice was shaking! Everyone in the class was asking for a refund; we all knew what she was within the first few days: a crook. I suppose her response is not all that surprising considering her mental state and her livelihood was about to come crashing down around her, but to threaten to sue someone for slander because they are unhappy with the services they paid 5 figures for is downright sadistic. She’s not stable, mark my words. Just read how she talks to people who complain! She threatens to sue and call law enforcement on them!” “It’s Guadalupe Ponte. Thank you for your lovely email – I really appreciate you letting me know how you feel. However, listen to me and listen straight here. I did you a favor to let you come, – number 1. Number 2 – I never gave you any default (sic) equipment. I helped you the entire way and I went over and beyond to help you. If you’re going to believe women that you don’t even know over me being 17 years in the industry and successful in business, if you are going to believe strangers that know nothing, well I have news for you, okay and this isn’t a threat love, this is a promise, okay, I am gonna fully go after x for what she did and if you want to be involved in that slanderous suit, you guarantee it, it’s guaranteed, I will pursue a lawsuit against all of you for trying to destroy my and defame my character, absolutely 100%. I’ve been working 20 years in the industry. X is a plain, vigilant liar, and you know what, if you want to be pulled into these girls you go right ahead. I guarantee you, I am calling the sheriff today.”

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